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The Swingline Saddle Stapler and the Stanley Bostitch Stapler

April 16th, 2010

swingline-saddle-stapler.jpgLooking for a stapler for binding brochures seemed to be a somewhat difficult task when I set out to do it with all of the different choices in the market. I came across two staplers that are really popular, and thought I would pen down some words about them. The Swingline Saddle Stapler and the Stanley Bostitch Stapler both have high ratings, and are effective for center-binding or the saddle stitch as it is known. The saddle stitch gets its name from the fact that it is center-binding; it is done by inserting staples into the spine or the saddle of the book. Used since the 18th century, staplers have evolved sophistically over time. The Swingline Saddle Stapler and the Stanley Bostitch Stapler are fine examples with their durable and sturdy yet light metal body.

A compact tool, The Swingline Saddle Stapler will allow you to stitch up to 120 pages or 30 sheets in one go. It handles sheet size of 11”X17”, and staples 12” from the edge of the sheet. With open channel loading, this stapler measures 9½” by 5” and comes with a one year warranty. A desktop stapler, the Swingline Saddle Stapler is extremely easy to handle since it is light and can also be shifted around. It is calibrated for paper sizes so that you can locate points for stapling easily. It is perfect for stapling booklets in an office or at home. The padding below ensures that the surface does not mar. The Swingline Saddle Stapler offers accurate saddle stitching with staples going into the right place, and is very stable as a binder since it can be fastened to your desk in case you want it.

The Stanley Bostitch Stapler is much cheaper and lighter when compared to the Swingline Saddle Stapler. However, it can center-bind only up to 20 sheets at a time. It is a sturdy stapler and accepts paper up to 24” wide whereas the Swingline accepts a maximum width of 17”. Both the staplers bind 12” from the edge of the paper. The Stanley Bostitch Stapler comes with an anti-jam technology and a 7 year warranty.

Both staplers are good for center-binding. Whereas the Stanley Bostitch Stapler is a sturdy and durable machine that will adequately serve the purpose, the Swingline Saddle Stapler comes with extra features like the paper calibration and padding. I would say that you should pick up the one that suits your purpose. You will usually find the staplers on most large retail websites, though I found that Amazon.com was the cheapest. You will need to buy the staples separately.

This article was supplied by Nidhi Varma, who specializes in product reviews and travel-related literature.

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