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Quoizel Tiffany Lamps

April 18th, 2010

quoizel-tiffany-lamp.jpgQuoizel has been famous since 1930 for the lighting solutions and home accessories it creates. Balancing aesthetics and function, it delivers some of the most popular lamps and light fixtures. With quite a range of categories to choose from, the Quoizel Tiffany lamp collection has its own share of popularity. Some being imitations of the original Louis C. Tiffany (famous for stained glass work in windows, ceramics, and jewelry), others Quoizel designs, each of these lamps is designed individually with handcrafted stained art glass. Light plays a huge role in the way a space is defined, and the kind of lamp you choose will highlight it even further. Quoizel Tiffany lamps add a kind of dramatic light to any space with its stained glass work; the light that filters out of the lamp is a mix of assorted colors. Tiffany lamps also serve to add color to the room. Against a light colored ceiling or wall, they will function as a painting would, adding color and art.

Quoizel Tiffany Lamps come in a several different designs. Accent lamps, pendant ceiling lamps, chandeliers, table lamps, sconces, floor lamps — you name it, they have it. Every design is pure art made with stained glass. While accent lamps are used for accentuating the lighting in a particular area, pendant lamps hang from the ceiling to lighten a room. Chandeliers hang from the ceiling as well but have more dramatic designs that can highlight your dining room or a hall. Quoizel Tiffany Sconces are wall-mounted and are available in a range of designs. Floor lamps are great for highlighting and creating corners. A low table with a set of books and a lounging chair with a Quoizel Tiffany floor lamp can give you the exact thing that adds that extra touch to a room.

A number of websites have Quoizel Tiffany lamps on sale. While Quoizel.com reveals quite a few designs with the keyword search ‘Tiffany’, you would still need a retailer to buy these from. Tiffanylampsdealer.com is helpful here. The site has a well-categorized list of Tiffany lamps, and any can be bought here without a hassle. Quoizellightingexperts.com has a wide range of Quoizel lighting solutions including Tiffany lamps. Lampsusa.com and Tiffanylamps.com also have quite a collection of Tiffany lights and lamps in various designs.

This article was supplied by Nidhi Varma, who specializes in product reviews and travel-related literature.

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