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Sharp Projector Lamps and Replacement Bulbs

April 19th, 2010

sharp-projector-lamp-replacement.jpgProjectors have become popular, multi-purpose output devices that are currently used in offices, schools, and homes. However, they seldom run for a very long time without needing maintenance. So when our projector refuses to work, we are left quite in a lurch to figure out what is wrong. It is most probable that you need to replace the projector lamp in such a situation. A projector lamp, or a metal halide lamp, works by sending an electric current that lights up highly pressurized mercury vapor trapped in an ARC gap made of quartz. The light produced by the mercury vapor is then projected onto an LCD or DLP panel. Sharp projector lamps use the same technology, and produce top-of-the-shelf LCD and DLP projectors.

Projector lamps have a certain lifetime ranging from 1000 hours to 4000 hours. Fortunately, they are easily replaceable. When your projector lamp is going to die and need a replacement, a message will usually appear on the screen. This is done with an internal timer set into the projector. Even if the message does not appear, and the bulb burns out and then tries to switch on but can not (you will know by a clicking sound in the projector), you should know it is time to replace it. There might also be dimness in the image just before the bulb dies. When looking for a replacement projector lamp, make sure you buy one with the same wattage and design as the earlier one. The instruction manual that comes with your projector should be able to tell you the specifications of the lamp.

PurelandSupply.com, ProjectorLampCenter.com, ProjectorLampExperts.com, MyProjectorLamps.com and ProjectorSuperstore.com are good places to look for a replacement of Sharp projector lamps as well as other brands. They will tell you what is in stock and the price for it. These types of projector lamps usually cost anything between $200 and $600 depending on the specific model number.

Lastly, there are a few precautions that can greatly extend the life of your projector lamp. A well-ventilated location is the first and foremost one. Excessive heating is the first cause of lamp failure. Also keep the projector clean — dust and vacuum it, and clean its filter regularly. Another thing to keep in mind while using a projector is to not turn it on and off too quickly. Give it at least two minutes to run properly, and then shut it down if you need to. Running the projector in economy mode also ensures that the lamp lasts longer. These measures will safeguard the Sharp projector lamp as well as other branded ones.

This article was supplied by Nidhi Varma, who specializes in product reviews and travel-related literature.

One Response to “Sharp Projector Lamps and Replacement Bulbs”

  1. comment number 1 by: Ireland5

    I have used both the InFocus and Dell projectors. The Dell has lasted the longest. Before you buy a projector, be sure to check the bulb life and cost replacement. The replacement bulb for the Dell was MUCH cheaper than the InFocus. Also, the InFocus just suddenly stopped working when the bulb went out - no warning. The Dell simply started getting dimmer to let you know it’s time to replace the bulb - at least I was able to finish the presentation!

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