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Egyptian Cotton Bath Towels

April 23rd, 2010

egyptian-cotton-towels.jpgTowels are an item for everyday use and one can barely do without them. From hand and bath towels to kitchen and car towels, they are available in a number of materials, designs, colors, and patterns. Linen, cotton, microfiber, Modal, and Supima are usually the materials used in towel material blends. Each has its own qualities and disadvantages. While microfiber bath towels are great for cleaning because of their very small fibers that attract dust particles, they may not be the perfect towels for drying oneself after a shower though their popularity and use is increasing everyday. However, microfiber bath towels are synthetic in nature and are usually made with a mix of rayon, polyester, or polyamide. On the other hand, cotton towels have retained their popularity for years because of their natural fibers and their softness.

The finest cotton towels are those made with Egyptian cotton, which is farmed across Egypt and handpicked from the fields to deliver a yarn that is longer and softer than other cottons. Egyptian cotton towels are more durable and stronger because of the longer yarn used that gives you more thread count per square inch. Their softness increases with every wash and they last longer. Lint is also considerably less in these towels. Highly absorbent, they can be used as bath towels, beach towels, hand towels and serve any other purpose. Considered to be items of luxury, Egyptian cotton bath towels surely deserve the praise they receive.

The fineness of an Egyptian cotton towel should be assessed on the length of its fiber, shine, purity, and color. While a longer fiber length will ascertain its durability with more thread count, its purity will determine whether it is made with 100 percent pure Egyptian cotton. Modal is very often mixed with the cotton to deliver a product that is 50 percent more absorbent though it is made with rayon, a semi-synthetic material. Supima is another alternative which is 100 percent cotton, and equivalent to Egyptian cotton. Upland cotton is often combined with Supima to make towels like Egyptian cotton ones. Do check the label for its specifications before buying one.

Usually, Egyptian cotton weighs about 550 grams per square meter, and this is used as a criterion to assess the quality of the towel, which determines its price. These towels are available as single pieces as well as sets of varying numbers. Offered in an array of qualities, designs, and colors, Egyptian cotton bath towels are available in department stores and on a variety of online sites. Amazon.com, BedBathAndBeyond.com, and EgyptianCottonOnline.com are good places to start your quest for the ultimate towel experience.

This article was supplied by Nidhi Varma, who specializes in product reviews and other niche-related topics.

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