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Egyptian Cotton Robe

April 27th, 2010

egyptian-cotton-bath-robe.jpgEgyptian cotton has been considered the best cotton in the world for centuries. Known for its softness and strength, it is one of the most superior fabrics in the world. The fiber length is long enough to be used for towels, robes, and bed sheets among others without compromising on yarn strength. This cotton fiber has a smaller diameter yarn rendering more thread per square inch making it stronger than other cottons. This strength makes the cloth resistant to stress, and the absorbency of the fabric helps in retaining fast colors. Egyptian cotton is also famous for its softness that increases with every wash. Another contributing factor to its strength is the fact that it is handpicked from fields leaving the fiber intact and straight. Clothes made with Egyptian cotton are known to last longer than those made of other types of cotton, and to have less lint.

Egyptian cotton robes are considered items of luxury, comfort, and softness. Worn after a shower or a dip in the pool, they give you the most delicate feel on your skin without leaving rashes. Their high absorbency makes them perfect for this purpose. They are usually front-open with a belt to secure them. Egyptian cotton robes can be worn in any climate or temperature. Since they are very absorbent and breathable, perspiration is not a problem in the summer months.

Assessing an Egyptian cotton robe for the quality of the cotton it is made with is important and comprises five factors: the fiber length, thread shine, fineness, purity, and color. The length of the fiber will determine its strength, the shine its quality. Make sure what you buy is pure 100 percent cotton. The fineness of the thread will ensure its thread count; the higher the thread count with a finer thread, the more durability it will have.

Weighing almost 550 grams per meter, Egyptian cotton takes time to settle. It may be hard in the beginning owing to its strong yarn, but with time and repeated washings, the fabric reveals its increasing softness, making it comfortable even for people with a delicate skin to wear. It is advisable to wash the Egyptian cotton robe once before you wear it. Washing it with a soft detergent and without a fabric softener is recommended.

Egyptian cotton robes are now easily available in most department stores and on online shopping sites. They can cost anything from $40 to $300. Egyptianlinens.com has a fine collection of Egyptian cotton robes and linen. They specialize in wholesale orders. Bizrate.com and Amazon.com also have a range of relevant items to choose from.

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  1. comment number 1 by: Che

    I also have the same question in mind a couple of days ago, of what kind of robe will my momma like as a present for Christmas. My choice might be different from hers but I know that comfort is her first consideration. Cotton robes of any type had gotten in mind.

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