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Dalyn Rugs: Combine Aesthetics and Functionality

May 2nd, 2010

dalyn-rug.jpgSince 1979, Dalyn Rug Company has grown in popularity with the quality of rugs they deliver. Specializing in area rugs, they design and manufacture rugs in different sizes for different purposes from carpets to footmats. Available in four broad categories of machine-woven, hand-tufted, printed, and custom, Dalyn rugs are made with a number of materials like nylon, polyester, olefin, and wool among others.

With more than 450 colors and 150 designs, Dalyn rugs have a vast array of collections. The Tweens Collection has playful designs with bright colors that might appeal to kids. Made with nylon, these rugs are durable and easy to maintain with a non-skid backing for extra safety. Another collection for young ones (and older sports lovers) is the Sports Time Collection. Often in combinations of two, this collection’s rugs have sporty designs like race cars and footballs. The nylon material ensures they are durable and washable.

For contemporary art lovers, the Studio Collection offers modern designs in polyacrylic fabric. Using multi-tonal dying methods, these Dalyn rugs have cut and loop elements – a combination of looped and cut yarn, which leaves the cut parts of the rug looking darker than the loops which are longer in length than the cut pile. With warm and rich colors, the Studio Collection rugs are soft and durable. The Santa Fe Collection offers traditional southwest designs in an array of colors. These rugs are made with nylon.

The Casual Elegance Collection from Dalyn has a wide selection of nylon shag rugs in a variety of colors. Shag rugs are typically made with loops, the excess of which is then sheared. Dalyn shag rugs give a soft, lush, fluffy feel to a room. The Structures Collection and the Mahal Collection comprise rugs made with pure wool. While Structures has contemporary designs with cut and loop designs, Mahal has hand-tufted, soft-colored rugs with intricate arabesque-like designs. The Jewel Collection is similar to the Mahal Collection. The Rialto Collection is a Jaclyn Smith brand (as is the Mahal Collection) with tie and dye effect rugs. Made with pure hand-knotted hemp pile, these rugs add a lot of color to a room along with a soft, lush feel.

There are several other collections not mentioned here. Dalyn rugs are popular for a reason – they combine aesthetics and functionality. From soft colors in browns, beiges, and grays to bold colors like reds and oranges, these rugs are available in either natural or synthetic versions according to your desires. Dalyn prints come in floral (they have a lot of arabesque) or geometrical, modern, contemporary designs. The wide array of colors and designs promises something for everyone. You can check out RugsUSA.com for a wide selection of Dalyn rugs, or explore 1001AreaRugs.com for different Dalyn collections.

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This article was supplied by Nidhi Varma.

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