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Silicone Keyboard: Dustproof, Waterproof and Flexible

May 3rd, 2010

silicone-keyboard-cleaning.jpgSilicone keyboards are made with flexible silicone and offer a dustproof and waterproof solution to normal keyboards. Dirt does not get stuck between and under the keys, as is usually the case with a standard keyboard. Some of the good quality ones are very flexible and can also be rolled. They are good for every climate, and can usually withstand temperatures ranging from -5 to 50 degrees Celsius. There have been claims of resisting bacteria as well to give a more hygienic and sanitized version of a keyboard. Because of the light weight, silicone keyboards are great for people who do a lot of traveling. It can endure more than most keyboards, and is much quieter without the constant, nagging, tapping sound of a normal keyboard.

These keyboards are available with a PS2, USB, or wireless. They are compatible with Microsoft operating systems up to Microsoft Windows XP. Newer ones also come with Windows Vista compatibility. Requiring no installation, silicone keyboards can be easy and fun to work with. They come with quite a few Hotkeys leading to My Computer, Calculator, and Media Player controls among others.

However, the silicone keyboard does have its drawbacks. Because it is literally flat, it can take some time getting used to, and might not be that great for longer hours. Some keys like the space bar might require a more than normal, harder tap, and some off-center keystrokes may not register. A light, side tap on a key might not register, and you will have to tap right in the center for response. The printed letters also tend to rub off after constant use.

The quality of silicone keyboards varies greatly on the basis of the brand or the model. While low quality ones might report the above problems, high quality ones may actually be great to work with. If you do decide to buy one, prefer one with higher keys and space for your hands/palms. Read the fine print before you buy one; there are some that will ask you not to roll it, since some non-flexible ones are also available However, you may still choose to buy these if the flexibility is not an important quality for you.

All in all, a silicone keyboard is a good thing for travelers, as well as offices or homes in a dirt-prone environment. You could use it in a garage or for your kids’ computer. It surely is easy to maintain with easy-to-clean qualities (go ahead and spill your drink on it!). They can be cleaned with a damp cloth when dirty. Amazon.com has quite a range of silicone keyboards starting from $3 to $20, that are available in a few colors like pink, blue, black, and green. Make sure you buy a good quality one to avoid future problems.

This article was supplied by Nidhi Varma.

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