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Large Format Laser Printers

May 4th, 2010

large-format-printer.jpgHaving a large format printer in your workplace can help you print material at minimal costs. With the ability to print large documents, large format laser printers are often the best solution for high quality and professional printing. It can be an expensive solution in the beginning but it does help you save on printing and publishing costs later. Usually available in the “tabloid” size of 11” x 17” (marginally smaller than the A3 size), these printers are alternatively called wide format laser printers. They can be useful for printing posters, charts, graphs, and presentations. However, HP has larger size printers with sizes 12” x 18” as well as 12.28” x 18.5”.

Large format laser printers are available in either black-and-white or color versions. Many of them are available as multifunction printers with printing, scanning, and copying abilities built into the same machine. Either way, the speed and the accuracy of the print is not compromised on the basis of any of these factors. They also have the advantage of avoiding issues with things like paper jams, ink cartridges, and inconsistent output. Because they can process large projects, they are often the best solution for high volume printing. Also, it is still possible to use this type of printer for smaller-sized documents as well; if your work requires different paper sizes to be printed, a large format printer might be the one for you. However, the laser technology does not give you a higher resolution than the inkjet one. So if you are planning to print photographs, an inkjet printer might be a better option.

Some things to consider before buying a large or wide format laser printer:

  1. The printer is much more expensive than normal laser printers.
  2. The cartridge also costs more because of the size.
  3. The tabloid-size paper (11” x 17”) is costlier than normal paper since it is a specialized product.
  4. The higher the resolution, the better the quality of the print will be.
  5. The printer will not be able to print on cardboard or thicker materials.
  6. Large format laser printers need a lot of air, so keep them in a place with enough ventilation.

The large format laser printer may solve quite a few problems for you if you have been spending a lot on printing. HP, Canon, Lexmark, and Xerox are some popular brands in the market though IBM and Ricoh are not too far behind. The printer be priced at anything from $700 to $12000; a site visit and case study would be the best way to help you decide which one to buy. To take a look at the various options available, you can check out SuperWarehouse.com, PrinterShowcase.com, and Wide-Format-Printers.org.

This article was supplied by Nidhi Varma.

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