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Bridge Kitchen Faucet

May 6th, 2010

bridge-kitchen-faucet.jpgFaucets are an important part of the interior décor of a kitchen or bathroom. The kind of faucet you choose to install decides the kind of look you would render to a space. While a brass style faucet may give you a traditional, old world look, a chrome one can give you an ultra modern feel.

Kitchen faucets come in a number of designs to suit everyone’s aesthetic sense; from single-control or single-hole, four-hole and pull-out spray to bridge, wall-mount and two-handle, you ask for it and you will get it. With as much choice as there is in the market, it is advisable to take your requirement into account and narrow down on a particular category of kitchen faucets first. Take a look at the different designs available in that particular category then and take your pick.

Bridge kitchen faucets have been used for years since the time when there were only two holes in a sink, one for cold water and the other for hot. One of the easiest faucets to install, a bridge faucet helped in mixing cold and hot water by joining the two holes through pipes into a single faucet. This faucet design has endured till now and is still a popular choice with many people simply for the fact that you can control the amount of cold and hot water being mixed to get the required temperature. Plus you do not need an additional center hole for the faucet.

Many bridge faucet designs these days also come with 3-hole and 4-hole installations. The three-hole installation has a center hole for the faucet (which is not present in two-hole designs) and the four-hole installation has a hole added to one side for a sprayer. It is also possible to find a three-hole design with a traditional two-hole bridge kitchen faucet and an additional sidespray. Whether you want to have the sidespray or not is up to you. Every design, 2-hole, 3-hole or 4-hole, is available separately.

Bridge kitchen faucets are available in a number of designs and finishes. Chrome, brass, nickel, bronze, wrought iron, gold, and white are some of the finishes available. A number of traditional as well as modern, sleek designs are on offer. Prices vary greatly from $100 to $1000 depending on the quality, design, and finish you choose. Your local hardware or home improvement store will have quite a few designs of these, but doing some surfing, exploring, and research online is a great idea first. While Amazon.com has a vast collection of bridge-style kitchen faucets, SinksFaucetsAndMore.com and ActionSupply.com have good collections to explore as well.

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This article was supplied by Nidhi Varma.

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