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Where Can I Find the Best Freezer Containers?

May 17th, 2010

freezer-containers-different-kinds.jpgIf you’re a cooking enthusiast or just someone with a lot of leftovers, the best way to keep food for long periods of time — months or even years — is to freeze it completely and simply thaw and heat whenever you need it next. Freezers are programmed for large capacity deep freezes, so don’t worry about blowing out your motor with a lot of items. There are plenty of freezer containers for any type of food, and finding the best one is just a matter of what you’re trying to freeze.

As with any food storage, be careful that the exact conditions are met for your storage. Temperatures above forty degrees — even if only for as little as fifteen minutes — are suspect for biological growth, and while most freezers are automatically set for anywhere from zero to thirty degrees, significant modifications or adjustments can leave you with melted goods or contaminated food. After an extended power outage throw all frozen food away, and don’t store watery food (soups or creams) at maximum capacity, as the ice expands as it freezes and will rupture the container.

Plastic freezer containers in bag form are the most popular type of storage, as they have no fixed internal shape and are extremely cheap. Storage companies like Ziplock exclusively manufacture these designs, so the strongest can withhold nearly any stresses. Ziplock has a full line of airtight freezer containers (and refrigerator containers) of plastic and synthetic materials, all easily sealed and opened. Ziplock’s bags use double binds to keep out any air or water, so that even if one breaks the other holds; additionally, a Ziplock heavy duty bag has stretch capacity so that points of friction will not degrade the quality of the plastic. Ziplock bags can range in price depending on strength, but a basic box of several dozen is only a few dollars, so that a year’s supply might not even cost double digits. These bags can be reused if washed, but perhaps the biggest advantage of plastic bags is that they are disposable. Ziplock can be purchased at any grocery store or general retail store.

Other freezer containers are made from hard plastic and range in size, anywhere from hand held to large enough to support an entire chicken. Unlike glass, which may rupture in freezing conditions, the plastic retains shape and strength and is easily washed out after use. They are measured in quarts or gallons, and sizes range from an eight of a quart to five gallon buckets (the size of a small aquarium!) for the biggest cleanups. They feature snap-on lids to conveniently seal the containers. Rubbermaid is the largest manufacturer of plastic freezer containers and their products are also sold in grocery stores, often right next to the bags. Smaller containers are sold in four or six packs for about five dollars, while the largest gallon sized buckets may cost ten to twenty dollars. Deciding whether to use containers or bags is mostly a matter of convenience, as bags are typically thrown away after use while containers can be washed out and used again.

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