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Tiki Patio Lights

May 19th, 2010

tiki-patio-solar-lights.jpgTiki lights are a great decorative option if you want something out of the ordinary for a party or for outdoor entertainment. They automatically give an exotic ambiance that is exciting for most kinds of guests. Tiki torches and outdoor patio lights will also make an outdoor meal or any bonding activity with your family different from the usual.

With the right tiki patio lights that fit well with the look and feel of your garden or backyard, you can easily come up with a tropical or exotic-themed festivity. Generally, there is the bamboo or the native type and the metal or brass-made patio lights to choose from. A tiki light made of bamboo is relatively lighter than that made of metal. However, metal or brass types definitely last longer as they are sturdier to suit the outdoor challenges such as strong wind and rain. They also give an instant look of sophistication. Bamboos are best though for temporary use and may be readily kept or reused if desired. Nevertheless, both will exude the desired ambiance primarily because of the type of lights they feature.

Brass or copper tiki patio lights may also adorn your patio permanently. They can be positioned to make a silhouette effect on the garden’s objects, posts, and walls of a house. They will not only give extra lighting but will also make your garden or patio beautiful with the shadow effects.

Tiki patio lights are fueled either by oil or gas. The oil which is used may be paraffin or citronella. The use of oil means fewer odors and less smoke; this is especially true with the paraffin oil. Citronella gives the same quality of light and smoke, but in addition to that, it also deters bugs. Candles or any type of outdoor flames are known to be attractive to insects. With citronella oil in your tiki lights, they will be reduced to the minimum or perhaps eliminated in your patio’s local vicinity. With oil as fuel, the tiki lights already come with built-in refillable canisters or tanks. However, it is not advisable to mix different types of oil. To maximize its use, use one type of oil for each tiki light wick.

The use of gas may not necessarily give a cleaner smoke or daintier smell. And in addition to that, you will have to provide a smaller tank or canister to hold the chemical. These containers are sold at hardware stores in your local area, or they already come with the tiki light when you purchase it. The good thing about gas is that it is always available, and it lasts longer. So although it may be a little costly to purchase, you may end up saving money because of its longer sustenance.

Amazon, eBay, Kohls, and Target are just some of the usual retail outlets where you can purchase your patio lighting. The Internet will give you great ideas for how you can maximize the use of patio lights by enhancing the beautiful aspects of your garden or hiding the ones that are less desirable.

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