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Hand Crank Flashlight

May 20th, 2010

hand-crank-flashlight.jpgMany areas in the world nowadays experience occasional power shortages. With mounting concerns about being able to meet growing demand with currently available energy sources, including light energy, many manufacturers and consumers opt for energy-saving discoveries. The birth of innovative light energy sources without having to use electricity or even solar energy is an exciting development. One that is currently a light craze today is the hand crank flashlight.

This type of flashlight does need a battery or some type of recharging for its power. All it requires from the user is mechanical cranking of the device. Usually, for every minute of cranking the device, you can increase its operating capacity for an hour. It is perfect for emergency purposes and is now popularly found in disaster kits. A dynamo hand crank flashlight is also very suitable for camping or outdoor activities. Even better would be a hand crank radio flashlight which provides entertainment or connects news to you at your convenience. Photographers also take advantage of the use of this handy device for silhouette or shadow effects in their captures.

A hand crank LED flashlight effectively makes battery-operated or even solar flashlights obsolete. Its amazing benefit is that it is extremely handy. You can have one at the remotest place in difficult conditions to guarantee you lighting. Another great advantage is that it has unlimited battery endurance. Because it does not need electrical or solar power, the person bringing it can simply power it up by turning the crank. For each minute of cranking, you guarantee light for at least an additional 45 to 60 minutes. The flashlight will require one or two light emitting diode (LED) lamps which are known for durability and longer lasting life. And the device also comes with an internal lithium battery, which is charged through the hand crank. So technically it is not really without a battery.

By far, a hand crank LED flashlight is the best portable light source for emergencies. If you are planning to own one for yourself or even buy one as a gift, check on some factors first. Consider mechanical durability, brightness, and additional features such as hand phone charging. It will not hurt to require a dry run of the gadget upon purchase to test those qualities. Kaito, Athena, and Mitaki-Japan are just a few of the brands you may consider. Most of these brands are manufactured in Japan and are subject to good quality controls. However, if you are purchasing through the Internet, only transact with reputable e-commerce sites.

Some of the best places for the variety of hand crank flashlights are the Internet and hardware or local outdoor stores. Over the Internet, the famed Amazon.com hosts different brands where you can compare styles and different features. The prices range from $5 up to $30. If you are after plain portable light features, you can expect around a $5 price range. Mini pockets and AM and FM radio attributes will cost an additional 5 to 10 dollars. And for the added option of phone charging that comes with it, expect to pay about $25 to $30. It will allow generating power for a music device or even a phone.

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