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Sunforce 81095 Solar Shed Light

May 24th, 2010

sunforce-solar-shed-light.jpgSolar powered lights are increasingly becoming more popular since they help on saving energy costs and use the renewable energy of the sun. Outdoor solar lights require even less effort for installation and use than indoor ones. For this reason, a huge variety is available in solar shed lights, post lights, driveway and path lights among others. Sunforce 81095 solar shed light is one such solution, which can be used for semi-outdoor spaces like sheds, garages, gazebos, greenhouses, barns, and porches.

Sunforce 81095 solar shed light has a waterproof design and can easily be used to light your backyard or garden as well. With a very effective technology, this light does not take much time to charge so that it works perfectly even in low-light conditions like cloudy weather. It is extremely easy to install and requires no wiring, which is why it is perfect for places that one does not want to do wiring for like a gazebo. Like most solar powered lights, Sunforce is also maintenance free.

The Sunforce 81095 kit comprises a solar panel and a mounting kit, an 8-watt fluorescent bulb and rechargeable batteries complete with screws and tapes. Though it has only an 8-watt bulb, the light is fairly bright, and serves the purpose of creating enough ambient light for two hours in one charge. So you can use it to light up a space while you are sitting or working there, but not leave it on the entire night like you can a solar post light. The size of the light is a little more than 7 inches by 2 inches, and it has a conventional wall-mounted horizontal curvature lamp design. The solar panel can be fitted outside where it gets enough sunlight, at a maximum distance of 12 feet from the light.

Available at Amazon.com for about $26, Sunforce 81095 is an economical solar shed lamp, which serves the purpose of creating a fair amount of light. In case you are planning to place it somewhere high up, make sure you buy one with a pull-chain switching on function. Getting to a switch in the light might be a difficult thing to do in such a case.

Though Sunforce 81095 is a good option for a shed light, in case you are looking for one in which you can work, I would suggest you opt for one of the LED solar shed lights. These are much brighter and more energy efficient. LED solar lights are available in Sunforce and many other brands.

This article was supplied by Nidhi Varma.

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