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Stackable Boxes

May 27th, 2010

stackable-box-storage.jpgStackable boxes have plenty of uses. No matter who you are and what business you are in, you are likely to have a need for these handy containers. Stackable storage boxes are not like regular boxes because they actually stack on top of one another. This leaves more walking room and creates less clutter. There are several kinds of these storage boxes to choose from and a few points to consider before heading out to buy any.

Stackable Box Types

These useful containers are available in an assortment of different types and there is a good variety to choose from. The plastic boxes are probably the most popular choice. They are lightweight and available in an array of sizes. From miniature to extra large, no matter what size you need you should be able to find it without any problems. Plastic is also an ideal choice because if it does happen to tip over there is no worry of breakage and your goods will be protected.

Benefits and Features

The main benefit of these stacking boxes is that they allow for more storage than regular boxes. You can fill up a box and then start a brand new one right on top of it. They are built to fit on top of each other so they are sturdy and there is less worry of them falling over and causing an accident.

There are even clear stackable boxes that make finding what you need easy because you can see right through them to what is inside. Especially made for people who have a lot of boxes lying around, it saves you from having to sift through the lot just to find what you need.

They are also very affordable. You shouldn’t have to pay more than ten to twenty dollars for a moderately sized box.

What To Store

The list of what you can store in plastic stackable boxes is endless. Paper, pens, collectibles, CDs, cell phone accessories, and clothes are just a few ideas. Basically anything you have a need of storage for, you could find some of these convenient boxes to fit it in.

Another idea is to store your pictures in stackable boxes. You can save thousands of pictures in just a few medium-sized boxes and best of all you can easily stick a label on each for sorting purposes. If you have a lot of different pictures to store this will be important to help you keep track.

Stackable storage boxes are an excellent addition for any home. Just make sure you do not stack them too high. Even the sturdiest stacked boxes can become unbalanced and fall over if you manage to stack them high enough. You will find it so easy and convenient to store your valuables or miscellaneous goods in these boxes and they are definitely worth the money.

To buy some of these boxes you can head to any paper supplies store where you should find at least a decent selection. There are also specialty box and packaging stores to find what you need. They are available in different colors, shapes, and styles.

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UPDATE: It seems that my writer Nidhi Varma has returned from vacation and sent in an article on a topic that I had already assigned to another writer. Although some of the information may overlap, I might as well go ahead and post this second stackable box article here so that I can keep similar topics in the same place.

Stackable boxes are one of the best ways to save space and store things. Made with good quality plastic or metal, these boxes easily fit on top of one another to make stacks and store things separately, without having to dump everything in one box. Stackable plastic boxes are more popular than metal ones since one does not have to worry about them rusting with water in bathrooms and kitchens, or about them making a lot of sound clanging against each other. Plastic boxes are also grease and moisture resistant.

A huge variety is available within stacking plastic boxes. While some come with lids, others come without them. The ones with lids have snap locks that make them serve as water and air-tight containers. One can opt for vented or closed boxes. While vented ones are good for storing fruit and vegetables, say, in a refrigerator, closed ones are more appropriate for cosmetics, stationery, garage tools, toys, and food. Most stackable boxes have areas for coding and labeling. The boxes can be stacked on top of each other by means of the ridges provided, in which one box slides and fits over another. They are easy to clean and maintain.

A number of brands offer a range of stackable boxes in different sizes. While Iris and Sterilite are popular brands, Quantum Storage also has a lot to offer. Sizes vary immensely on the basis of what the boxes would be used for. From jewelry to beads and Christmas decorations, and fruit to tools, these boxes can be used for anything and everything, literally speaking. The stacking saves on space while making sure the contents are well organized.

Many of these boxes can also be hung from a wall with the help of a built-in rear hanger. Although they are available in a number of colors, the best usually is a transparent white so that one can know what is inside the box in a glance. While most stackable boxes are offered in sets of four or six, single pieces are also available so that if you need more storage later, you can easily fix another on top of the rest.

While Amazon.com has some good deals and products, StacksAndStacks.com has a great collection of stackable boxes, bins, and crates among a host of other things. You can sort products on the basis of brand, color, features, and material on the website. QuantumStorage.com is another brilliant website with a number of storage solutions for domestic, office, garage, and nesting purposes.

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