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Silver Locket Jewelry

May 28th, 2010

silver-locket.jpgSilver lockets make timeless gifts that are traditionally favored by women. They have a long history beginning in the Victorian era when they were given to remember a loved one who had died. They were passed down from generation to generation, as they still are and make beautiful keepsakes and heirlooms.

Silver heart lockets remain the most popular shape to wear and give, as the heart is often interpreted to represent love. Now, however, it is not only the departed whose picture is often in the locket, but it can be anyone to be held close to the heart. Some other popular shapes are ovals, circles, and book-shaped lockets.

Another trend in lockets is mixed metals. Whereas silver is still used as the main metal, sometimes they are embellished with gold or copper. Perhaps an inlaid heart of gold on a silver locket or a flower of copper and gold on a silver one would be a nice choice.

Not only are various words engraved onto the lockets, but many lockets also have designs on them. Whereas a plain locket is always classic, an artistic design can reflect the personality of the wearer, whether it is a butterfly for a younger girl or maybe a cross for a locket that is a baptism gift.

Silver is an excellent choice for a locket. Usually these are more affordable than gold lockets while maintaining a high quality. To find a gold locket at the price of a silver one, quality would have to be sacrificed. Silver is also very popular for any type of jewelry right now, which means that there is a pretty good chance that the locket would match much of the wearer’s jewelry wardrobe.

A sterling silver locket is a better choice than a silver plated one because a solid finish will not rub off. Though it may tarnish with time, silver is easy to clean with a soft cloth and silver polish. If there are any inlaid stones, care must be taken not to scratch them during cleaning, but sterling is a very durable metal.

Giving a silver locket pendant is a heartfelt choice, no matter the style. Whether it is an oval or heart, it will be a special piece. One nice thing about silver lockets is their timelessness; they will never go out of style and by buying a good piece, it can be handed down for generations.

When looking to purchase a good piece of jewelry, it is worth it to do some research and look around before committing to buy. Whereas they can be found in some of the larger discount chain stores, the variety of selection and overall quality will usually be better in a jewelry store. They can also be found online (such as on Amazon.com, TheFind.com, or PicturesOnGold.com), and there are some very reputable businesses, but it is best to speak with someone directly when purchasing. Whenever possible, try to do a bit of research on the company. Most silver lockets range in price from around $30 to upwards of $300.

No matter if the locket is a baby gift, a present for a young girl or sweet 16, or a mother or grandmother, it will be cherished. A silver heart locket can be an heirloom piece, whether the picture is changed or not. It is like a little piece of beloved history.

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