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How Do People Find Your Website?

May 30th, 2010

how-to-find-website.jpgYou’ve created a beautiful website which contains everything you want the world to know, whether it’s about yourself, a cause, a product, or a service. You’ve managed to successfully host your website on the Internet, either on your own or with convenient technical help, and your creation is ready for the entire world to see. But how does your audience find your website to view it?

The Internet may seem a little like magic, but it’s really just a tool — an incredibly efficient, amazing communication tool that can connect you with people from around the globe. Assuming there is a whole host of people out there who cannot wait to see your website, they have basically three avenues to find your site on the Internet: through search engines, through links from other sites, and by obtaining the URL or website address directly and typing it into their browser.

Search Engines: The most widely used method for people to find websites is to do a search for a topic, keyword, or phrase through search engines. These search engines will then list the websites that have the most relevant content related to the search criteria. It’s absolutely critical to make sure that your website can be found and indexed by the search engines so that they can in turn list it for searchers. The more search engine friendly and relevant your content is, the higher up the list your website will appear, bringing your site closer to its specific audience.

Links: Most sites will have links embedded in their creation code, which will transport visitors to a different page or site. These links can be in simple text, or banners and images, or within Web rings. You can add your website address to a vast number of link directories, or make a direct request to related sites to display a link to your website. The more links floating around the Internet that point to your website, the more traffic you will see.

Entering Address: There are infinite numbers of ways that people can get a website address, from television commercials to business cards, email messages to word of mouth. However they obtain the address to your website, visitors will type it into their Internet browser, which will find your website files’ specific location on your web host and display it. For people to receive your website address, though, you need to spread it around: put it in your email or forum posting signatures online, or add it to your business cards, flyers, billboards, t-shirts, and other promotional material.

Worldwide Spotlight

Creating a website is an accomplishment and deserves visitors. Having interesting content certainly helps as well, but people can only find and enjoy your site if you make it available. Making certain that search engines are aware of your website and that it is search engine friendly is the most important step to bringing your site from isolation into the worldwide spotlight. Maximizing your site’s exposure with as many links as possible and as much direct address advertisement as possible will put you on the road to a successful, high-traffic website.

This article was supplied by Michelle O’Leary from Constant Content.

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