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Solar Powered Fairy Lights

May 31st, 2010

solar-fairy-lights.jpgIn this environmentally friendly age, people are always on the lookout for lighting that is both cheap and kind to the environment. This is where solar lights come in.

Although many people assume that a significant amount of sunlight is required to have solar power, in fact this is a fallacy, with a general brightness being enough to power the solar control panel. If you think about solar panelled calculators, which work inside the house, then it is easy to realise that solar energy is not restricted to places like Africa or Miami! This article serves to briefly outline what solar lights are and guides you as to how to get the type that are most suitable for you.

The first aspect is what solar lights actually look like and how they work. Although perceived as complex, solar lighting is in fact quite simple, especially if it is not your main source of lighting. It usually consists of the lights themselves and a long cable (the average length is about 2 metres although this varies) and a solar control box. It does not matter where you put the lights but the box needs to be positioned so that it can catch as much natural sunlight as possible. The box automatically charges up and depending on the type of application can automatically come on in darkness or dusk, or be manually operated.

A very popular use of solar powered lighting is outdoor solar lights. There is a huge range available, ranging from fairy lights to single lights.

Although available in your high street or local mall, it is perhaps advantageous to go to a store which caters specifically for solar power. A store which is focused primarily on solar power will inevitably be able to give you specific advice for your location both in relation to the amount of natural sunlight your area has and thus the amount of solar panels required, as well as explain in greater detail the true benefits of helping your planet through solar energy. To locate your nearest solar energy store you can easily perform an Internet search for “solar + store + the name of your area” for a local place or try an online store such as TheSolarCentre.co.uk or GreenFingers.com.

A most popular feature of outdoor solar power these days are solar powered fairy lights. These can easily be placed on your trees or bushes to add a certain uniqueness to your outdoor area as well as provide convenient lighting for when sitting outdoors. Fairy lights usually come in strings, with the number of individual bulbs typically ranging from about fifty to over two hundred.

As with power manned lights, the bulbs come in a wide variety of colours and different shapes, thereby catering to every taste. Different lighting modes are available, such as constantly on, flickering at a steady pace, and various stages of dimming and brightening.

Since there are no mains involved it is safe to leave them out all year round and unlike traditional fairy lights where there is always a risk of fire when bulbs blow, this system is relatively safe.

Overall, solar power is the power of the future – take charge of our planet now and light up your life in the right way!

Article source: TheContentAuthority.com

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