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How to Remove Dead Skin

June 1st, 2010

remove-dead-skin-scrubs.jpgAfter returning from a vacation in Himachal Pradesh, Nidhi Varma sent in this article yesterday on various methods for removing dead skin from your body. Although I did not specifically request the topic, this has given me some good ideas for future articles. The skin care and cosmetics industries are huge, and American consumers spend billions of dollars every year on skin and beauty-related products. With an ample supply of relevant advertisements and Internet searches, the skin care field in general has good potential to deliver additional traffic and commentary, not to mention a slice of the revenue from all of those cosmetics ads.

We all know the process of aging. With it, our skin also goes through its own maturation process, and sheds dead cells. However, this shedding might not happen completely by the natural process, and that is where removing the dead skin manually comes into play. Also called exfoliation, the removal of dead skin cells is usually done either with the help of scrubs or chemicals. While a chemical process is recommended and supervised by a dermatologist, exfoliation with scrubs can easily be done at home.

Our skin varies in sensitivity at different places on the body. The face has extremely soft and sensitive skin, while the legs have tougher skin. This is why there are different scrubs for the face and body. In the face, the area around the eyes has even more sensitive skin, and one should not scrub this area at all. Contrary to popular belief, removal of dead skin or exfoliation does not need to be a very frequent process unless so prescribed by your dermatologist. You usually need to use a scrub only once in three weeks.

There are quite a few exfoliating skin products in the market from gentle face scrubs and body scrubs to scrubbing equipment. Of course you will have to choose different products and often different methods as well for exfoliating the face, body, hands, and feet.

The best option for removing dead skin from the face is to use a gentle face scrub with gentle exfoliating granules that will not harm the skin. Do not exfoliate near the eyes, and use the same scrub to exfoliate the lips. There are also a few home remedies available. The most popular one is made with orange peels. After drying the peels in the sun, crush them and store them. Whenever you wish to scrub the face, take some of the crushed peels, mix it with some milk to make a paste, and use it as a scrub. You could also use some finely granulated white sugar mixed with olive oil as another remedy for removing dead skin.

The removal of dead skin from the feet is part of any pedicure. Cleaning the feet with pumice or scrapers is one of easiest and the most common ways for the purpose. However, going for a fish pedicure once in a while is also one of the most effective ways. With its origins in Turkish spas, fish pedicure uses Garra rufa fish, which are toothless, and eat away the dead skin very easily, tickling your feet gently. Many electric callus removers and callus remover kits complete with creams, rubs, and the like are also available in the market.

Removing dead skin from the body is easy enough to do with a body scrub. Do not ever use a body scrub every day since it will damage the fresh skin underneath once the dead skin is removed. Do not use a body scrub on the face; a body scrub has tougher granules than those in a face scrub. Crushed orange peels that we used for the face can also be used for the body.

Exfoliating the skin can leave you looking fresh and soft without the excessive use of chemical-based cosmetics. Exfoliation is a means by which you help the natural dead skin shedding process of the body. However, as mentioned earlier, do not do this too often. Once in three weeks would be good frequency to maintain.

2 Responses to “How to Remove Dead Skin”

  1. comment number 1 by: jessica

    i was wondering if u could tell me if it is possible to take dead skin off in one day if there is can u tell me how to do it plz

  2. comment number 2 by: blue-rose

    hi, thanks for the advice. i want to ask “how to use sauna correctly”. How to move dead skin while using it? How often should i use it? Thanks a lot.

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