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Earn More by Recycling Furniture Through Consignment Stores

June 11th, 2010

consignment-furniture.jpgHave you noticed that we need different types of furniture as we go through life? Each piece of furniture serves us for a while. Then we replace it with others that are more in keeping with our age, life style and living space. How do you dispose of unused furniture? The usual practice is to give it away or have a garage sale. Yet if the furniture has been gently used, you can earn more by selling it through a consignment store.

A consignment store operates on a profit sharing basis. Your furniture will be appraised and priced at a discounted value when compared to those retailing at a regular store. It is displayed to a larger clientele in a visually appealing setting. The store will give you a share of the profit when your item sells. This would certainly be more than what you would earn from a garage sale. You can take this profit in cash or apply it as a credit to buy some other item that the store carries. Inquire from the store how long they allow you to display the furniture. Some stores allow display for only a limited period. Others reduce the amount due to you by a certain amount for each month the furniture remains unsold.

Once you have decided to use the services of a consignment store, check out your furniture carefully. Can you improve its appearance with a fresh coat of paint or by polishing? Attending to such details can improve its value. Use the telephone directory or the Internet to contact a consignment store close to your home. If your item of furniture is small, the store will request you to bring it in. If not, an appraiser from the store will visit your home to check out the furniture and to transfer it to the store. If you have not taken care of any minor repairs or sprucing up, the store will do this before putting it on display but will charge you for this cost.

Some high end furniture consignment stores carry not only furniture but also related items such as paintings, framed prints, and other decorative items. Professionally displayed merchandise has a much better chance of commanding a higher price than those set out at a garage sale. Hence the extra effort of selling through a consignment store is well worth your while. Moreover, if you did have a sentimental attachment for that dresser or end table you are parting with, you can rest assured that it will be cared for by its new owner.

Recycling furniture also has a positive impact on our environment. The more we re-use such items, the less will be the need to cut down trees or use materials and fossil fuels to produce and transport new furniture. So both the seller and buyer of used furniture help to conserve valuable resources.

Recycling unused furniture through a consignment store has many benefits. It will unlock cash for you to purchase other items from the same store or to meet another need. It will free up your living space and contribute to a more pleasant home setting. More importantly you can be happy that your action contributed to protect scarce resources.

This article was supplied by Kay Wicks from Constant Content.

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