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Solar Lighting Options: Driveway, Path, Step, and Ground Lights

June 14th, 2010

solar-driveway-light.jpgWith increasing awareness regarding the importance of conserving resources, more and more people are taking the initiative of using renewable sources of power like solar energy. Solar lighting is becoming one of the most popular forms through which this conservation is carried out. While many states have opted for solutions like solar street lights, individuals have also begun to use indoor and outdoor solar lights.

Fancy solar lighting like umbrella lights and fairy lights are beginning to be used these days. However, the most popular are solar lights for outdoor purposes, which are most convenient to use in functional spaces that need to be lit throughout the night like driveways, walkways, steps, gardens, or backyards. These areas may be used at some point after dark as well, and it is best to keep them lit for security purposes.

There is a lot of variety available in solar driveway, path, and walkway lights vis-à-vis style, shape, and size. Usually solar post lights or pole lights are advertised for use in these areas. You can also choose solar driveway markers to demarcate the driveway area. Solar stake lights are also available, usually in sets of ten or sixteen. Modern designs and Victorian, traditional designs are both on offer. You can opt for white, yellow, warm white or colorful lights depending on how you want your driveway to look. The prices for solar post, marker, and stake lights vary greatly depending on a host of factors like the output and the duration of lighting, the quality and kind of bulb used, the height of the pole in post lights, etc.

Solar step lights are alternatively called solar ground or solar marker lights. They are usually only a few centimeters in height so as to take very little space and give the effect of light emanating from the ground, hence the name ‘ground lights’. They can be used for lighting and demarcating various spaces like pool boundaries, porches, steps, and decks among others. Many people also use them as driveway or pathway marker lights. Most step and ground lights can be easily fixed in loose dirt or gravel along with the regular fixing in stone, cement or wood. Many colors like white, red, blue, or amber are available along with the option of flashing lights. Usually these lights will cost you around $20 to $30, but savings on the electricity bill will compensate for the costs.

None of these solar powered lights require cords to be run through the length of area of the driveway, walkway, or steps. The light itself is a complete unit to be installed without the use of wires. At times, the automatic switch-on of solar lights may be hindered by ambient lighting; one also has the option of using solar lights with switches. Most solar lights work with AA-sized rechargeable batteries that are recharged by solar energy to power the bulb. While most solar lights come with CFL bulbs, LED ones last longer and use much less energy to provide the same output of light, but are also more expensive.

This article was supplied by Nidhi Varma.

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