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Garden Lighting Ideas

June 17th, 2010

garden-lights.jpgMost of us love gardens and wish to spend a lot of time in them. If possible, we may also throw garden dinner parties with music and lots of food. In such a case, one needs garden lighting. With the help of outdoor lighting, the appeal and usability of an outdoor space like the garden and patio areas go up quite a few notches. There are functional garden lights available; however, you might also want to consider decorative garden lighting like glimmering dragonflies, butterflies, fairy lights, umbrella lights, and tiki lights among others.

For functional garden lights, which emanate a fair amount of light for use, a host of ideas and options are available. There are electric wired and non-wired lights. In the electric category, you will find many low-voltage lanterns and lamps that can be used as patio garden lights. However, the widest range is available in the non-wired solar garden lights category. Not only do solar garden lights save you the trouble of wiring the entire garden, which can lead to people tripping on the wires, they also help save on electricity bills.

LED garden lights are the most efficient for outdoor lighting. Powered by solar energy and LEDs, which last longer than any other bulbs and use much less energy to produce the same amount of light, LED garden lights are the best pick for the purpose. While they may cost more than other lights, the compensation lies in their long life, low maintenance, and energy savings. The other option is to go for outdoor solar lights with CFL or halogen bulbs. You can choose CFL, halogen, or LED garden solar lights, depending on your preference. Stake lights, pole lanterns, and plastic or glass garden lights are the best solar garden lights for lighting up usable areas.

If you want to light up a section of the garden, or highlight a particular corner, you can always opt for garden solar spot lights. These lights are perfect for highlighting, spot lighting, footlighting or uplighting a particular place. This may be a good idea when you throw garden parties, where with the use of uplighting, a faint glow is created in the upward direction, which you could direct towards the house or a tree. Solar garden spot lights are usually available with LED lights.

Most garden lights come in a number of different colors, often combined in one light for the colored garden lighting effect. Red, green, blue, amber, and white are the most common ones, though decorative lights for outdoor patio garden lighting come with a range of other colors. Garden paths, walkways, and outdoor steps can be lit with the help of solar step lights or solar ground lights.

A popular brand for both wired and solar lights is the Westinghouse lighting. The have a number of product ranges with Energy Star ratings. You can also look at Sunforce, Mr. Light, and Solar Illuminations among a host of other brands for solar garden lighting, solar outdoor lighting, and outdoor patio lighting. Perhaps not surprisingly, the online retail giant Amazon.com also offers a sizable range of products in this category.

This article was supplied by Nidhi Varma.

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