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Bathroom Accessories

June 19th, 2010

bathroom-accessories.jpgWe use bathrooms every day. To add a bit of luxury and elegance to your bathroom would make the space more congenial and friendly. Bathroom accessories add that extra touch while organizing and beautifying the bath space. A number of extras are available for one to choose from: towel rods and racks, soap trays and dispensers, napkin or tissue holders, stools, and wooden mats among other things.

Towel rods are great for hanging towels so that they dry easily after being used. While pegs make towels look untidy, a towel rod can do just the thing by simplifying the look. Towel rings, which are available in a multitude of shapes including round, oval, and semi-circular, are good for hand towels by the basin.

A wastebin is a good addition for tissues and other things that might have to be discarded.

Towel rods and racks, wastebins, pegs, and soap trays are available in steel, buffed steel, and brass finishes. While steel lends a modern, efficient look to the bathroom, buffed steel would lend the same look though more sophisticated and toned down. Brass of course provides a more traditional look to the space.

Bath accessories sets are also a good option when you are looking to set up a new bathroom or are doing a makeover for the old one. Sets usually come with a soap tray, soap dispenser, brush stand, tumbler, a tissue or napkin box and a bin. While steel, buffed steel, china clay, and plastic are the regular materials used, new ranges made with marble, lacquer, wood, bamboo, and glass are good to consider depending on one’s budget.

Shower curtains help by not letting bath water come into frequently used spaces of the bathroom like the basin and the WC. Quite a few brands like Macy’s and Ralph Lauren have top-of-the-shelf designs though it is not hard to look for nice designs in economical categories. The shower curtains and towels you choose for your bathroom define it much more than even accessories sets. The color scheme, the design and the fabric you choose for them should go with the décor of the bathroom. For simple and bright bathrooms, a little color might just do the thing. You can also opt for luxury add-ons like embroidery or bold prints on them. Bathrooms with already darker colors or complex tile designs may do well with light and toned-down designs of the same.

If you do not have closets in the bathroom and need storage space, opting for pre-fabricated cabinets or trolleys would be a good idea. The cabinet would help you organize bathroom supplies and towels among other things. Amazon.com has a good collection of bathroom cabinets in steel and wood. Good quality plastic ones can also work well. You can also use bathroom caddies for bottled products and other small things that may need to be organized.

For kids’ bathrooms, one can always opt for pegs and bathroom sets with kid-themed designs. Towels and shower curtains with cartoon prints are also available.

You can check out your local store or take a look at Amazon.com, which has a great collection of accessories for bathrooms. BathroomFurnitureDirect.com and PlumbingStore.com are also good websites.

This article was supplied by Nidhi Varma.

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