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Porch Railings and Deck Railings

June 20th, 2010

deck-railings.jpgDecks and porches are valued spaces for anyone who owns a house with them. Apart from being used on an everyday basis, they are also utilized for outdoor parties and overflowing guests. Railings used for decks and porches define that space while adding an element of safety and beauty. A variety of materials are available for deck railings as well as porch railings.

Wood deck railings are very popular. However, they are not the best option for extreme temperatures. Wood porch railings may work considering porches are covered spaces. Exterior wood railings require a lot of maintenance. There are several other low-maintenance options one might want to take a look at.

The easiest deck railings to install and maintain are aluminum ones. They are pre-built and extremely easy to install. Available in traditional and modern designs, aluminum railings are durable, sturdy, and long-lasting. With powder-coated finishes, aluminum deck or porch railings are resistant to rust, blistering, and cracking, and come in ready made as well as custom made specifications. Take a look at RailingWorks.com for better ideas and design samples.

The other low-maintenance option is vinyl deck railings. They are made with high-quality polymers and require no painting or other kinds of upkeep. Most of them come with ultraviolet resistance and fast finishes, so they do not crack or splinter. Vinyl railings are slip resistant and waterproof; they are also heat and cold resistant, so they will not be too cold or hot in winters or summers. Deck and porch vinyl railings are available in a wide variety of designs. Take a look at FairwayVinyl.com for vinyl railings.

Wrought iron deck railings are another perfect solution for exterior railings. Wrought iron is hardy and durable, with many designs available for railings. Iron is also a preferred metal for outdoor railings. Have a look at Seoic.com and OldWorldElegance.com for the multitude of designs and finishes.

Glass deck railings are a great option if you have great views to gaze at and display from your deck or porch. Usually laminated, tempered, or toughened glass is used for glass porch railings so that they are not easily breakable and require little maintenance. Wood and stainless steel are usually used for supporting the glass. A number of do-it-yourself glass railing systems are available online.

Stainless steel railings look great on decks. If you have a contemporary taste in design with a preference for sleek lines, these railings might be the thing for you. Requiring very little maintenance, stainless steel deck railings give an efficient and modern look to your deck or porch. They come in horizontal or cable and vertical baluster designs. AtlantisRail.com has a number of designs on display.

The railings you choose for your deck or porch should not lack in safety. If you have children around, make sure the gaps between the railings are not enough for them to slip through. The height prescribed for deck and porch railings differ according to the area your house is in, so check out the local building codes before you buy anything. An installation technician or a local railing store in your area might be of help in providing the information.

This article was supplied by Nidhi Varma.

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