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Vessel Faucets for Vessel Sinks

June 25th, 2010

vessel-faucet-sink.jpgVessel faucets are specially designed for vessel sinks. Unlike traditional sinks that are sunken into the slab, vessel sinks are kept over the slab, and are increasingly becoming popular for the modern look they attribute to any bathroom or kitchen. These sinks are available in a plethora of shapes, finishes, and designs. Ceramic, marble, onyx, and granite are the most common materials you will find, while square, rectangular, oval, and round are the most common shapes. Glass materials used may be plain, frosted, cut, painted or tempered. Vessel sinks are also available in several colors. A few vessel sinks have holes cut out in them, in which an ordinary can be fixed. However, most of them need a faucet to be fixed outside the sink.

There are two options for fixing vessel faucets. One is to fix it behind the vessel sink; this kind of a vessel faucet is often referred to as a deck mounted or countertop faucet. The other option is to wall-mount the faucet.

Deck mounted vessel faucets have a taller shaft, which can range between 12 to 18 inches. They also have the option of a long or short spout projection. They are usually available with a single-hole fitting system. Bridge designs with a tall spout are also offered but are not very popular because the handles hide behind the vessel sink and it becomes difficult to operate them. Countertop vessel faucets require enough space behind the sink for the faucet to be fixed.

Wall-mounted vessel faucets almost do not have a shaft, but have a considerably longer spout projection for the water to fall in the center of the vessel sink. The thing to keep in mind while buying a wall-mounted faucet is that the sink should not be too far from the wall. Wall-mounted faucets are primarily used to give more space on the counter. These faucets have more variety and options vis-à-vis the number of fixtures you want. There are single-hole, double-hole, and three-hole faucet systems. Bridge faucet designs are easily available and very popular.

Deck-mounted as well as wall-mounted vessel faucets are available in a number of finishes and designs. Chrome, brass, copper, wrought iron, stainless steel, nickel, bronze, gold, and white are some of the finishes available. The handle designs vary from crystal to cross handle or single joystick control ones. While Price Pfister, Delta, Kohler, American Standard, Roca, and Moen are established brands in the field, a few others are available. Vessel faucets can cost you anything between $100 to $500 depending on the design, finish, and quality you choose. While your local store will have something to offer for sure, you can take a look at DesignerHardware.com, BathroomVesselSinks.com, and NexTag.com for some ideas, designs, and price options. You can choose your faucet on the basis of price, finish or color, or you can do research based on a particular brand.

This article was supplied by Nidhi Varma.

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