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A Review of Materials Used for Garden Patio Furniture

June 26th, 2010

garden-patio-furniture.jpgGardens and patios look great in every home and one can increase their usability by throwing a few garden chairs, loungers, sofas, swings or hammocks around for lounging. The option of carrying, say, chairs and tables from indoors to outdoors is an option, but for those who prefer some pieces of furniture outdoors, many options are available. You can buy garden patio furniture in sets or as single pieces. Sets offer a variety of chairs and table sets, which come combined with loungers as well. In case you are planning to add new furniture or overhaul it for your garden, sets come at relatively more economical rates than separate single pieces.

Wooden Garden Patio Furniture

Wooden furniture to be used outdoors has to be chosen carefully since all woods cannot withstand weather changes. Pine and red oak, if not especially treated, will not last outdoors. Teak, cedar, mahogany, white oak, redwood, ipe, and cypress are the most worthwhile for outdoor furniture. They have rot and bug resistant properties. Hardwoods like maple, some oaks, cherry, and ash are also good for the purpose. Any of these woods is usually combined with a metal like iron or aluminum in garden furniture design.

Metal Garden Patio Furniture

Metal outdoor furniture is a popular choice for many people since it does not require the maintenance that wood does. Iron, wrought iron, and aluminum are usually used, and where aluminum is extremely light and portable, any type of iron can be pretty heavy. Wrought iron is a sturdier and longer lasting metal than plain old iron, yet it has a malleability that allows it to be molded into a number of intricate designs.

Aluminum is more resistant to rust and corrosion than wrought iron, and is also lighter and slightly more expensive than the other metal. You will find a number of designs in cast aluminum, made by pouring molten aluminum in casts. Aluminum furniture also comes with PVC coated fabric seats and may also include vinyl strap seats.

Rattan or Wicker Garden Patio Furniture

Wicker or rattan outdoor furniture is made with various types of palms. Their stalks are separated into long sections which are then woven into furniture sets or baskets. They usually have a wooden frame beneath the weave. Rattan furniture is organic, but sometimes plastic fibers are also used. Also, if you use it outside, you might have to carry it inside when not in use, or cover it to protect it from the sun and rain.

Resin Garden Patio Furniture

Resin is a kind of plastic that is very commonly used for outdoor furniture. Resin furniture is durable and maintenance-free, and can be left outside without worrying about the elements. It is usually used around the poolside, and is a good choice for gardens and patios as well. Sites like ResinFurnitureStore.com offer various kinds of furniture pieces in this category.

Wicker furniture has been imitated in resin furniture designs since wicker and rattan cannot withstand humidity and begin to rot easily. Marketed as Resin Wicker, Vinyl Wicker or Synthetic Wicker, resin furniture with wicker designs is a good choice that will last for a long time.

Ceramic or Stone Garden Patio Furniture

For those who are not constrained by small budgets, stone and ceramic furniture is also an option. Stones like marble or granite are usually combined with a metal like aluminum or wrought iron to produce fine garden furniture.

To take a look at garden patio furniture ideas and designs, you can log on to PatioFurnitureUSA.com, OutdoorGardenFurniture.net, or Amazon.com.

This article was supplied by Nidhi Varma.

4 Responses to “A Review of Materials Used for Garden Patio Furniture”

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  2. comment number 2 by: Garden patio

    These are good tips, but when I’m choosing furniture, I’m usually looking for particular supplier, anyway it’s good to know more about materials.

  3. comment number 3 by: Jean Jacobson

    If you have the room, how about building a Garden Shed for all your beautiful outdoor furniture? Your website is great! I love the furniture. The comments by the Jeff are certainly relevant.

  4. comment number 4 by: Patio furniture sets fan

    I was just looking at getting my parents some new patio furniture sets, so I really appreciate you explaining the different materials used. Do you have any suggestion on the best kind, or is it just up to personal preference?

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