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Pentair MiniMax Heater for In-Ground Pools (NT Series)

June 28th, 2010

minimax-nt-inground-pool-heater.jpgThe Pentair MiniMax pool heater NT Series has specially been designed for inground pools. It is small, lightweight, and compact with rounded edges for installation in the pool area. An efficient heater with induced-draft and gas-fired high performance, the MiniMax NT is available in natural gas as well as liquid propane fuel systems. It comes in two models: the NT250 with 250,000 BTU and the NT400 with 400,000 BTU. Both the models are highly efficient and require very little maintenance.

The MiniMax NT is one of the most effective gas pool heaters, and it has a number of functions like the Pentair multifunction temperature controller that tells you the proper working temperature of the heater. The digital display controller lets your pool or spa water be maintained at a particular temperature between 65 degrees minimum and 104 degrees maximum. The heater has an HSI or Hot Surface Ignition technology that directly ignites the heater without the need for a standing pilot.

The product has stainless steel burners with corrosion-free properties, a bronze header system, and Pentair’s patented thermostatic valve technology, which reduces the calcium scaling resulting from condensation. The heater also has a fully electronic auto-diagnostic system that maintains water flow and temperature. It comes in a metal construction with aluminum coated body and a hi-tech ceramic fiber tile insulation in the sealed combustion chamber, which does not let heat escape.

The MiniMax NT has an efficient combustion chamber that delivers thermal efficiency above 82 per cent and low operating costs. Its use increases the usage of your pool by almost 50 percent well into the fall and winter seasons. The heater needs to be used in combination with a water pump, so if you do not have one, you will need to buy it. Requiring a flow rate of 40 to 120 GPM, the heater is fixed to a 40 PVC pipe.

The MiniMax NT comes with a 120 V electrical cord for use in USA and Canada, and the heater is listed by the CSA. The heater can be installed indoors in USA and in an outdoor shelter in Canada. It is recommended to use the services of a trained technician for the installation, which takes up to three hours, since the gas hook-up needs attention. The heater needs to be installed at least five feet away from the spa or pool. The spare parts are easily available and can be changed in an easy do-it-yourself manner. The cabinet and burner of the MiniMax NT come with a five-year factory warranty, and the other unit parts come with a two-year factory warranty.

This article was supplied by Nidhi Varma.

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