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Game Review: Inner Quest

July 6th, 2010

inner-quest-game.jpgThe name ‘Inner Quest’ is not an accurate indication of what this game is about. It is brought to you by South Winds Games and receives a user rating of 2/5.

From the minute Inner Quest is downloaded you see an array of bubbly, uplifting imagery that reminds you of a well-decorated nursery. Inner Quest is infused with bold, loud, vivid colors that appeal to the inner child in us all. As you increase in levels your scenery changes to tropical backgrounds complete with palm trees, crystal clear seas, and a bright blue sky which subconsciously suggests the need for a vacation. The square blocks such as fiery red hearts, lucky green clovers, and baby blue stars that you connect to make a set of three similar shapes disappear rapidly and simultaneously as you complete the simple task of grouping them together. Although a fairly simple game, a full explanation of how you receive points and how you can maximize your score by grouping uniquely bright blinking squares would be appreciated by any engaged user.

Keeping consistent with a childlike appeal, the Inner Quest game has an accompanying soundtrack similar to the tunes you hear emanating from an old fashioned ice cream truck. Even though reminiscent of a comforting lullaby, after a while it can begin to seem redundant, boring, and uninviting.

This game can be a great way to test your reflex abilities and is intended for simple entertainment. Inner Quest played in “relax” mode is much more interesting than the arcade mode. In the relax mode the levels are more intricate and require more focus to get through successfully. The overall shapes of the different levels that include the connecting square boxes along with a more varied background imagery make the game in relax mode seem more sophisticated and modern. It is more difficult to advance in levels with the arcade mode because of the limited time you have to complete a level.

Due to the game’s simple concept in playing, the presence of impressive detailed images and use of modern music would have been a much more creative approach. Considering the rapid advancement in our current technology and in comparison to other similar online games available, Inner Quest is not up to par with its many competitors.


  1. Inner Quest should not be an option if you are looking for a challenging game.
  2. You should not purchase this game if you are looking to play often because you can get bored with it fairly quickly.
  3. This game is not a good purchase if you prefer the option of having multiple players.


  1. If you are looking for a game that does not require much strategy then Inner Quest is for you.
  2. This game is a good purchase for beginning online players who might be intimidated by a more complicated game.
  3. Inner Quest is a great purchase for an Internet addict because it is sure to entice you to get out and get some fresh air of your own.

This article was supplied by Jessica Jardine from Constant Content.

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