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White Apple Cider Vinegar and Beauty

July 18th, 2010

apple-cider-vinegar.jpgVinegar is a product that can be found in millions of homes worldwide. Indeed vinegar has been used in countless ways for several hundred years. White apple cider vinegar can, for example, be used to make several different beauty products. If you make your own beauty supplies at home using vinegar, you can save a great deal of cash.

The Hair

Your grandmother might have used vinegar instead of hair conditioner back in the day. Using shampoo on a regular basis leaves an alkaline residue. This residue can make hair feel coarse and brittle over time. The acid in vinegar will neutralize the alkalinity caused by shampooing, leaving your hair feeling soft and silky. Rinsing the hair and scalp in vinegar can also help to get rid of dandruff, and will also help to control the frizz associated with over-processed hair. Try rinsing your hair in vinegar a couple of times a month instead of using your ordinary conditioner. You could be pleasantly surprised by the results.

The Face

If you get blocked pores and pimples, you might want to try using vinegar to make a simple facial toner. Start by mixing equal parts of water and vinegar. Then add a couple of crushed aspirin to the mixture. Apply the vinegar toner with a cotton ball. Be careful not to get the solution in your eyes while doing this. Then rinse your face and pat dry gently. The acidity of the vinegar will cause your skin to slough off the dirt and dead surface cells. This leaves the skin feeling clarified and refreshed. The aspirin in the toner helps to eliminate pimples.

You can use vinegar to make a night cream, too. To do this, simply mix half a cup of olive oil with 1/4 cup of water and 1/4 cup of vinegar. The vinegar kills off bacteria, removes dead surface cells, and reduces the appearance of age spots. The olive oil moisturizes the skin. It also contains vitamins and antioxidants.

The Body

If you have burned your skin in the sun, white apple cider vinegar could be the answer to your problem. Simply add a cup full of vinegar to a warm bath and steep for at least ten minutes. Vinegar baths also address the problem of dry itchy winter skin. You can use vinegar to stop the itching associated with bug bites, too. Simply apply the vinegar neat to the bug bite.

You can use vinegar as a general beauty treatment for the body. Simply froth up an egg white and add one tablespoon each of honey and vinegar. Apply the mixture to your body, wait for a short time, and then rinse it off. The honey moisturizes your skin while the vinegar gets rid of any dead surface cells.

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