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Intex Pool Filter Pump – A Review

August 19th, 2010

intex-pool-filter-pump.jpgIntex pool filters are a necessary accessory to any Intex above-ground pool, be it Easy Set, Metal-Framed or the Salt Water System. While all Intex pools come in sets including the filter pump, one would need to change the pump almost every two pool seasons. The filter cartridges need to be cleaned more frequently, at least once in two weeks, if the pool is being used regularly. It can be hard to decide the Intex pool filter pump that would suit your pool considering the number of choices available. However, if you know your pool size, the choice would not be so hard.

All Intex pool filter pumps are designed to suit a particular size of pool. That is, the filter pump is designed to filter a certain volume of water. In case you have lost the product information booklet for the pool, you can calculate the volume of water in gallons very easily yourself. The first thing you need to find out is the ‘multiplier’. For rectangle, square or free-form pools, the multiplier is usually 7.5, and for round or oval pools, it is 5.9. Determine the average depth of the pool by adding the depths of the shallow and the deep end and dividing them by two. Finally, you multiply the length, width, average depth and the multiplier to get the result, which is the capacity of the pool in gallons. A number of websites also can help you ascertain the volume of the pool.

Intex pool filters are designed according to the volume of water a pool can hold. So, a 300 gallon pool, or a 300 gph pool, would use Intex pool filter Model M1, and a 3000 gph would use Model 520 or 520 R. There are a total of twelve different pool filter pumps offered by Intex based on different volumes.

In case you are looking for Intex pool filter cartridges, you have to know which cartridge fits in your filter. There are three types of Intex filter cartridges, type A, B, and E. These types are based on sizes and designs of the filter cartridge. You need to measure the cartridge length, and know your Intex filter model number to know which cartridge to buy. Filter cartridges are sold by the type (A, B or E), the length of the cartridge, and the filter model number.

Contrary to what some may believe, cartridge Intex filter pumps are the best for Intex pools. The choices of the sand filter pump and the diatomaceous earth filter pump are available as well, though they are not recommended for use with Intex above-ground pools. Unlike the Intex pool heater, the Intex pool filter pump runs on 110-120 V AC power for use in US and Canada.

There are quite a few online retailers where you could buy the filter pump including the IntexCorp retail store at IntexStore.com. Other online sellers like Amazon.com offer discounted rates on the filter pumps and cartridges. For Intex filter products, you can also take a look at QualityInflatables.com and BackyardCityPools.com.

This article was supplied by Nidhi Varma.

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