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Dreamate Sleep Inducer Review

August 20th, 2010

dreamate-sleep-inducer.jpgWe all know how important sleep is to health. Formation of memories and the repair of damaged cells in the body take place while we are sleeping. Beauty sleep, as it is sometimes known, sustains the balance of the Human Growth Hormone, which regulates body growth in children and skin and body health in adults. The formation of memories, very important for our everyday life, also happens during sleep. It is also important to get enough sleep to sustain and improve our powers of concentration, and to maintain a well-working immune system.

Lack of sleep can be triggered because of many reasons, the foremost being stress and irregular lifestyles. Sleep is a very important element in regulating our body clock. If your body clock goes awry, you would have to face dire consequences like lack of motivation, energy and focus, all of which can affect your professional and personal life. Though there are a number of techniques in massage therapies for inducing and regulating sleep, and sleeping pills that you can use if prescribed by a doctor, we have not really heard of sleep gadgets before. The Dreamate Sleep Inducer is one such device. It helps you fall asleep, regulates your sleeping patterns, fights away insomnia, and gets your body clock back into action.

The Dreamate Sleep Inducer is a wristband to be worn on your left wrist. In acupuncture, the left wrist is supposed to be the home of the ‘sleeping golden triangle’, which, if relaxed and massaged, gently makes you fall asleep by lowering stress and relaxing the body. The product does not use the therapy of acupuncture, but uses the same pressure points to relax the mind and the body, making it easier for anyone to sleep. Dreamate is a fully non-invasive product; using acupuncture points, it does what one would do in acupressure.

Using the product for regulating one’s sleep ensures that one is not using sleeping pills and other such products, which can lead to harmful side effects. Also, such products are addictive, not curative. The Dreamate Sleep Inducer is a curative product, which targets not only making one sleep, but also long-term cure for irregular sleepers. It is advised to use Dreamate for 30 minutes before bedtime. Regular use of the product for a minimum of one week is guaranteed to deliver results.

The product has been developed by Hivox Biotek, an inventor and manufacturer of biomedical electronic devices. The company is based in Taiwan, and seeks to create new products by combining the life sciences and electronic technology. Their product range includes massagers, snore stoppers, blood glucose meters, skin care products, motion sickness relievers, and thermometers.

There are a number of retailers from whom you can buy the Dreamate Sleep Inducer and other HIVOX products. However, the most discounted rates are available at Amazon.com, where Dreamate is available for $50.

This article was supplied by Nidhi Varma.

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