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Chair Massage and Its Benefits

August 23rd, 2010

massage-chair.jpgChair massage has become one of the most popular forms of massage in the UK. Chair massages are offered at massage clinics and at workplaces, they are available in shopping centres, and they are offered even in airport departure lounges.

According to several studies, massage therapy can reduce stress and anxiety, increase a feeling of wellbeing and relieve aches and pains. Even a short massage can be surprisingly effective. All the modern chair massage sequences have been created specifically to relieve tension and pain in the upper back and the neck and to invigorate or re-energize the recipient.

How the Chair Massage Sequence Works

A chair massage treatment can help to relieve stress, release muscular tension and pain, and improve flexibility. The recipient sits in an ergonomic chair that has been designed to provide comfort for the client and to make it easy for the therapist to give an effective treatment. The massage is performed through clothes and no oils or creams are used. For this reason chair massage can be a good option for people who are new to massage or are hesitant to receive a full-body treatment.

The chair massage sequence works on targeted areas of the body and uses techniques from various traditions, including acupressure and shiatsu. The chair massage routine has been created especially to relieve pain in the neck, shoulders, back, and arms. The sequence may also include some gentle stretching.

Unlike many other forms of massage, the chair massage is an invigorating treatment that leaves the receiver alert and re-energized. This makes it suitable for offices and other places of work, as the recipient can return to his or her desk after the treatment feeling more focused and alert and ready to start working again.

A chair massage treatment usually lasts between ten and fifteen minutes, although some massage providers also offer longer treatments that can last up to half an hour. The chairs used in on-site massage are portable, and this makes it easy for a therapist to visit workplaces or to offer massages at events.

Chair Massage at Work in the UK

Many companies in the UK have decided to offer chair massage to company employees. Companies that invest in regular office massage treatments believe that regular massage can relieve stress in the workplace and create a better working environment. A more relaxed office environment can increase employees’ morale, loyalty to the company, and productivity. An investment in office massage sessions can also help to improve the image of the company.

There are also financial benefits to offering office massage. Back pain is a significant cause of sick days in the UK, neck and shoulder problems are very common amongst the UK workforce, and repetitive strain injuries (RSI) are a growing problem as more and more workers spend long hours in front of the computer.

The chair massage sequence has been created especially to relieve pain in the neck and shoulders, in the back, and in the arms. Studies have found that regular massage can relieve the pain associated with RSI. A bad working posture can also cause back pain, and frequent massage sessions can help to create more body awareness and lead to better posture while sitting in front of the desk for long periods.

Relieving Office Stress with Regular Massage Sessions

Work-related stress can lead to a wide range of illnesses, and stress-related absenteeism can cost significant amounts of money in lost productivity and health care costs. Chair massage is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to provide stress relief in the workplace.

Reduced stress can lead to more job satisfaction, and this in turn can help to increase morale and boost performance and productivity. The best results are gained from regular massage sessions. Some companies offer weekly massage sessions and some bring in massage therapists on a monthly basis. In some companies employees have enjoyed massages so much that they have offered to share the costs of a weekly session.

In conclusion, one of the best chair massage benefits is that such treatments can leave workers feeling more focused and alert, thus improving their ability to perform. Since the massage does not use any oils, the recipient can stand up from the massage chair and return to work immediately, feeling awake, relaxed, and rejuvenated.

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