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5 Brain-Bending Puzzle Games for Your iPhone

August 24th, 2010

iphone-puzzle-games.jpgLooking for a way to challenge your brain while you waste some time? If you love crossword puzzles, Sudoku, and Scrabble, then try some of these games to really get your mind working.

1. Jumbline

This word twist game has several great features. You can choose five-, six-, or even seven-letter words. Like the others in this genre, you then have to create all the words of three or more letters that can be made from those letters. It has a very instinctive interface, which allows you to tap a single letter to shoot it to the end of the line and to enter words just by underlining them. The best part is that working in seven-letter mode will increase your Scrabble and Words With Friends scores in a hurry!

2. Numbrix

If you liked Sudoku, you have to try this game. Created from the pencil game in Parade magazine of the same name, it has three difficulty levels and will keep you busy for hours. The board is a 9×9 square with some numbers filled in. You have to enter the rest of the numbers, 1 to 81, so that they snake through the board without diagonals and so that the chain never crosses itself.

3. Red Remover

This app starts as the same game that is available online for free from The Game Homepage. However, new packs of levels were added just for the app. If you do not know the online game, it is a gravity-based physics game. The object is to remove all the red blocks while keeping all the green ones from falling off the screen. With a couple exceptions, this game is not about speed tapping. Think carefully and plan strategically. Gravity is fun.

4. Marple

This app is like advanced Mastermind. There are five columns which all need to be filled in with four different symbols. You are given a list of clues and, using those clues and process of elimination, you have to decide which symbols go where. Working the puzzles feels reminiscent of working those pencil logic grids from kids’ puzzle magazines. (You know the ones where five kids brought five different pets to school on five different days of the week?)

5. Moxie

This game combines a word game with a strategy game to create a really challenging app. You are given three blank rows where words of up to five letters can fit. Then you go through a shuffled deck of letter tiles and place them to form words and score points. You replace tiles to form new words, and lose points if you place a tile and destroy a word. It’s easy enough until Q or J show up. The letters that will give you the highest score are also the hardest to plan for.

Now get puzzling!

This article was supplied by Charlotte Andrews from Constant Content.

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