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Choosing the Right Painting for Your Room

August 31st, 2010

starry-night-room-painting.jpgWhen we move into our new houses or offices, or when we want to redecorate the old ones, the question of what to fill up the walls with is always a difficult one to tackle. While personal photographs are the best way to fill that space up, paintings are a rather good option to explore. A single painting can change the ambience of an entire room. A painting can transform an impersonal workspace into a personal office and make a house into a home! To help you decide which paintings to choose, I write about four of them in this article. Of course these are not the only ones out there that are splendid works of art. You can always look for the kind of art you find appealing!

The Starry Night

Vincent van Gogh painted The Starry Night in 1889 from his room in a psychiatric asylum. He used a room on the ground floor as his studio. The view from his first floor room was that of groves of olive and cypress trees, clusters of buildings around the town church, and the Alpilles hills rising in the distance. The view inspired this painting in which gleaming stars and trailing comets illuminate a tumultuous sky. Even though it is no mystery that the great painter’s life was no beautiful dream, this particular painting of his does seem so. Objectively judged, it is a rather ‘happy’ painting that can light up a room. The Starry Night would look best on a plain blue wall when it is framed with at least 1 inch of white border. Since the painting in question is a masterpiece, I would suggest that you don’t clutter up the room with too many other paintings or wall hangings. Give it its due space!

Daughter of Art History

Daughter of Art History was painted by the Japanese artist Yasumasa Morimura in 1990. The painting is part of a series self-portraits, consisting of unique reconstructions of art masterpieces in which the subject’s face is substituted with that of Morimura himself. This painting would look best in a room wherein there is a lot of woodwork. Classically designed furniture with dark wood or black leather is best suited. The painting is an interesting piece to have in such a room as it breaks the classical look of the room while preserving it. Something similar is happening in the painting for it portrays a lady at an affluent party, but the expression on her face and the lower part of her body is critiquing that very affluence.

Mme Devika Rani Roerich

In the painting, Svetoslav Roerich paints his wife, the famous and rather beautiful Indian actress Devika Rani. It was in 1913 that after finishing his studies in Russia, Roerich moved to India. There he imbibed the Himalayan culture and painted landscapes that reveal the unearthly beauty and grandeur of the great mountain range. But it is his portrait of his wife that is undoubtedly his best work. The painting, done in vibrant shades of blue and red, will go well against a white wall. If your home or office is colorful and done up in a casual way, then this painting would certainly add to its aura. The painting will also suit a dining room with loads of plants and natural light.

Hunting Scene on the St. Maurice

In the painting, Cornelius David Krieghoff captures what he is best at — maple tress in brilliant autumn color besides the grandeur of slow moving rivers. Done in 1860, the painting shows men reclining in front of a rock wall on a hunting expedition surrounded by autumn splendor. The painting is best suited for penthouses or rooms with French windows that use warm colors like orange and red, and have cane furniture. Ethnic fabrics of the same colors will merge beautifully with the painting. You can enhance the interiors of the room by displaying some purple flowers as one misses this color in the painting.

The kind of painting you want to put up on your wall depends not only on your preference for art, but also on the layout and the interior of the room. You can choose to put up paintings that go well with the overall theme of the room or you could choose to have paintings that offer a total contrast to it. Since getting hold of the original painting is not only a costly affair but a difficult one, reprints are a good option to explore. The higher the quality of the reprint, the more costly it will be. Reprints of many famous paintings are available at city art galleries. Most often you can get them home delivered if you place an order on the gallery’s website. Also remember that larger the size of the reprint, less is going to be the resolution of the painting. Therefore, you have to either comprise on the size or the quality. Needless to say that the quality of the reprint will also depend on the condition of the original painting. Either way, it is generally a good idea to avoid reprints bigger than a 3X3 size!

This article was supplied by Swati Varma.

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