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Taking Control When You Are a Disorganized Disaster

September 3rd, 2010

disorganized-desk.jpgAs you move along in your daily routine, do you find that you are always just a little behind, a little late, and a little lacking in production? A lack of organization can cause high levels of stress and if not managed, you may suffer from stress related illnesses such as insomnia or anxiety. If you are a person that is consistently rushing around trying to catch up, the following tips may help you become more organized and alleviate stress in your life.

1. Make a list, but don’t lose it. Disorganized people often write lists but because of their lack of organization, the lists are often lost and a new one has to be written. If you are always losing your to do list, get yourself a small notebook that you keep in the same place all of the time. Write down important tasks in this notebook so that you can keep track of everything you need to do. Keep the notebook with you at all times so that you get used to having one place to write down tasks that you don’t want to forget.

2. Throw away things you won’t use; don’t save them for later. One of the habits of highly disorganized people is to save almost anything because they might need or want it at a later time. To become less chaotic in your life, throw away unwanted items before you allow them to clutter up your closets, room, or car. If you receive a gift that you will never wear or use, try to bring it back to the store for a refund or give it to charity. Highly disorganized people have closets full of unused items that would be better put to use by someone else.

3. Clean out your car. Many disorganized people have cars that have become a second office or closet. Instead of throwing everything into the back seat and forgetting about it, take a quick look in the back of your car every evening when you return from work. Bring in items that belong in the house, throw away the trash, and pack together items that belong back at the office to return them to your work area the next morning. Car clutter brings stress to even the most carefree person. Clean your car out and you won’t have to be embarrassed about picking up a coworker or losing a file to your back seat mess.

4. Be more proactive. Nothing will stress out a disorganized person more than a looming deadline. If you are constantly finding yourself rushing to get the job done, try to become more proactive in your approach to completing a project. Why do you always wait until the last minute? You may never have an answer, but you can make an effort to work on projects before they are due and not right before you must hand them in. If you have a number of projects due at the same time, try to complete at least one well before its due date just to see how having a project done early feels. If having a project done early decreases your stress levels, you may unconsciously begin being more proactive just to avoid high levels of stress in the future.

Being a disorganized person does not have to be a personality flaw. Many disorganized people are wonderfully creative, artistic, and expressive. To avoid constantly stressing yourself out, try to utilize one or more of the above tools. You will feel better about getting tasks done on time and your creativity will not be stunted in the process.

This article was supplied by Melissa Nykorchuk from Constant Content.

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