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SEO Scams: Webmasters Beware

September 21st, 2010

seo-scams.jpgThere are no short cuts when SEO is involved. Unfortunately, there are more advertisements for low cost SEO shortcuts than there are seconds in a day. Webmasters beware.

Search engine optimization or SEO has become a household term. If you have used the Internet to any significant degree, you have probably heard about SEO. Everyone is competing furiously for top positions in searches for their main keywords. The concept is that the higher you rank for a keyword, the better your website will do. If done correctly with the right keywords, this can be the case.

Search engine optimization consultants and so called “experts” can get you top ranking with Google, Yahoo and other search engines. It almost sounds too easy. When searching the Internet, you will find offers promising to get your website listed on hundreds of search engines. On the surface this sounds like a great deal, but if you are a webmaster you need to be careful about this. Before you invest with an online SEO source, there are a few important things to know and consider.

Consider the following hypothetical situation. Jon, the owner of “www.I-Need-Rankings.com”, is looking to increase his website’s traffic. Over coffee, a buddy of his tells him that keywords and search engines are the key to success. It all sounds so simple. All of his worries are apparently solved over a cup of coffee.

So Jon walks back to his little office. Since his last expansion, he is located in the back of his garage, which is an improvement from the previous office in his basement. Jon fires up his laptop and searches for “search engine optimization”, “keywords”, and “search engine rankings”. Suddenly, a solution that sounds so simple has expanded into a quagmire of consultants, books and promises. Jon is a little worried because most of the promises sound too good to be true. Is it really so easy to get search engine rankings for as little as $149? Jon can’t stop now. He’s come too far and his site desperately needs traffic so he clicks on the first link and is on his way. After a few online questions and a quick credit card transaction, things are in motion. The screen is blinking and blinking. Messages are popping up all over next to a huge list of search engines, most of which he’s never heard of. Then, suddenly, his e-mail inbox is going absolutely crazy with “confirmation” messages. It is so easy. It is time for a round of golf.

What is really happening here? Is Jon getting the results that he is looking for? He is definitely getting a lot of activity is a very short amount of time. Unfortunately, Jon is getting what he asked for, but not what he wants. Many of the sites that offer these services are looking to sell additional services. When looking for search engine registration, it is important to know that five top search engines handle over 99% of the search traffic on the Internet. Search engine submission is an important step in a quality SEO plan, but it is a fairly small portion. A website will be found by search engines without being submitted. The hard part is to develop a keyword strategy and to create quality content and quality external links back to the site. If done correctly, the rest will follow. Of course, this can cost much more than $149 and does not happen overnight.

A general rule when navigating the ever-changing sea of SEO is to do your homework. Many SEO sites provide excellent background information and basic guidelines. Have a plan in mind for what you want to achieve. Content, keywords, and quality links to your site should be the core components of your SEO campaign. Unfortunately, there are no easy shortcuts; you will need to spend some time to develop these things, but once they are in place the rewards of having a mostly passive income from your website will be worth the initial effort.

This article was supplied by Jody Williquette from Constant Content.

2 Responses to “SEO Scams: Webmasters Beware”

  1. comment number 1 by: lee stevenson

    I Have just started my site and realised it is really hard to get on the major search engines, does anyone have any tips to help, thank you

  2. comment number 2 by: Remco de Vries

    Nice topic…The #1 SEO scam also is that you need to know about is where literally thousands of unscrupulous companies will try to “trick” you into believing that you need to submit your pages to the search engines in order to get indexed and then some will even go so far as to “trick” you into believing that you need to submit your pages to the search engines every week or every month so that you can be sure to acquire high rankings, which of course, is a just scam to separate you from your money. In order to prevent SEO you must learn the technique on it in online marketing coaching business.

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