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Chit Chat 1.4 for Facebook

September 25th, 2010

chit-chat-facebook.jpgChit Chat 1.4 is a utility designed to improve on the Facebook chat environment. Chit Chat for Facebook was started in August 2009 and appears to be gaining in popularity with approximately 10,000 new downloads each day. It is an instant messenger application for Facebook that works independently from a web browser. If you are familiar with the Facebook chat or have used any of the popular instant messenger platforms available, you will love this one for keeping tabs on your Facebook friends.

A majority of the features of Chit Chat 1.4 coincide with the standard Facebook chat options. A major benefit to using Chit Chat is that this application runs on your computer without the need to open a new web browser and log into Facebook. It makes chatting with your Facebook friends very quick and easy without all of the overhead. Chit Chat also allows you to update your status, chat with friends, post on friends’ walls, and send messages to one or many friends.

The primary function of Chit Chat is to make chatting with your friends on Facebook fast and easy. This handy little application accomplishes this quite well in an easy-to-use format. When you log in from Chit Chat, the utility accesses your Facebook profile and friends lists. If you have user groups set up in Facebook, Chit Chat handles them as well. Depending on your preference, you can elect to hide any friends that are offline. To begin chatting with someone, double click on the person that you want to chat with and a window opens up. If you have multiple chats running at the same time, they are organized into one window with navigation tabs at the top. This is much easier than having multiple Facebook chat windows up separately.

If you are familiar with other instant messenger applications, using Chit Chat will be a breeze because it has many of the standard instant messenger tools and functionalities. During a chat, you get notifications that someone is typing a new message to you and audio annunciation when a new message comes in. Chit Chat also provides visual notification when new messages arrive. If you like to add some flair to your messages, Chit Chat also supports emoticons. As an added benefit, there are a couple of nice shortcuts. One shortcut is the “Boss” quick key, Ctrl+M. This will hide all of your Chit Chat windows in case you are in the office and your manager walks in. Tracking your ongoing conversations or past conversations is no problem. Chit Chat has a built in chat history feature that allows you to review your conversation histories. You can elect whether or not you want to have your chats tracked and saved. The chat history can be cleared at any time.

To set your user preferences, look in the Tools menu for the “Preferences” option. There are 6 primary preference categories: General, Messages, Notifications, Promotion, Shortcuts, and Connection. The most common preference settings can be handled in General, Messages, and Notifications. The General area covers settings controlling the chat environment including launch settings, sort orders, enabling groups, languages, and window settings. The Messages area allows the user to control the chat history preferences, general messaging options, and control of fonts and colors of incoming and outgoing messages. The “Notifications” option controls the notification and chat status options.

In summary, Chit Chat for Facebook provides users with an easy-to-use interface and a simple alternative to logging into Facebook when you want to stay in touch with friends. The tools integrated in Chit Chat provide easy access to many of the online chat and messaging features of Facebook with some enhancements. For example, chatting with multiple friends at once in one window is a definite advantage. User configuration is intuitive once you have found it. As mentioned earlier, this can be found under Tools. It is a quick and easy way to chat without having to launch a web browser and log in to Facebook.

This article was supplied by Jody Williquette from Constant Content.

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