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DVD Authoring Basics

September 29th, 2010

dvd-authoring.jpgConverting any form of media into DVD format that can be played in a DVD player is called DVD authoring. Software designed specifically for DVD authoring comes with encoders to give the user control over sound quality and video compression, and will typically be geared towards creating video rather than audio DVDs. A standard model DVD recorder also has basic DVD authoring capabilities, but with fixed layout and control menus to simplify the process for users who simply want to record television programs for later viewing.

Proprietary DVD authoring software applications have been developed by programmers at large electronic corporations that market high-end electronics, but more recently there has been a demand for home-authoring software packages. These DVD authoring tools are available as freeware or shareware and can be used to burn television shows, movies, home video, and audio to DVD. While some users seek tools that allow them to alter existing DVDs, for example, a program that allows store-bought DVD movies to be copied, the tampering with region coding, copy protection, or copyrights can only be done legally with permission of the corporate rights owners.

For individuals just getting into DVD authoring, consult the help manual on your computer to determine what software you already have. Many operating systems come standard with some sort of media studio, which may already be capable of the project you have in mind! Alternatively, search the Internet for discussion boards about DVD authoring software and tips. Here you will find links to the free or inexpensive programs that other users like you have found to be reliable and easy to work with.

Once a DVD authoring program has been selected, start experimenting with small video files. The compression and re-encoding of full movies can take anywhere from five minutes to five hours, so use a 30 second video clip to see how the different frame rate, picture aspect ratio, resolution, and sound settings affect the playback of your encoded file. Often the default settings built into the DVD authoring software will be sufficient for 85% of all applications.

With software settings that meet your playback needs, you are ready to begin burning your own DVDs. DVD authoring is an easy skill to learn but a tough one to master, so be patient and enjoy watching your homemade DVDs.

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