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How to Form Sales Support Teams with Customer Service

October 2nd, 2010

customer-service-sales-support.jpgForming a great sales support program requires strategic thought. Make sure that the sales support team knows the needs, commonly faced problems, and possible customer solutions for the best results. Formulating a great sales support program should start with a plan of action to accomplish the goals. For example, setting dates for implementation and choosing leadership are fundamental. Training, materials, and survey feedback help ensure that the plan goes through smoothly. Take the time to organize and use the experience of experts when possible from colleges and corporate America.

Step 1

Create an action plan for implementing a great sales support team. Start by prioritizing goals on paper or a Word document that you intend to accomplish by building a great sales support program. For example, increase sales by 10 percent quarterly and retain 95 percent of employees annually. Decide when it will be implemented in the workplace. Figure out who will lead it and monitor its progress. The action plan tells a story of the goals and the way it will be accomplished.

Step 2

Train the staff to employ great customer service skills (i.e., apply product knowledge with a smile) to enhance the sales support program. Allow sales support teams to see role-playing examples of different types of customers and how to deal with them. Your staff can create a scenario within the training room, or you can watch educational videos. Video support materials can be found online on YouTube or within local libraries. Hire a customer service consultant to assist in the preparation of the training. Universities and social networking sites (i.e., LinkedIn) have plenty of experts.

Step 3

Provide any materials (i.e., software) to help ensure that problem solving becomes the sales support team’s expertise. Creating a great sales support program should include making the employees effective in determining and solving issues. Billing, product defects, service issues and the like are examples of common issues that a good sales support team should manage.

Step 4

Obtain feedback to build a great sales support team. Find out opinions from customers and employees to see the impact of the program. Make adjustments when applicable and use surveys to help collect response data. There are free online surveys you can create or simply make on a Word document.

In conclusion, creating the action to describe the sales support team process is necessary along with training, materials and feedback. Managers must understand how customer service works in relation to the product and build upon that for a great sales support program. More information can be found at sites like ChiefMarketer.com.

This article was supplied by “SavvyOne” from Constant Content.

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One Response to “How to Form Sales Support Teams with Customer Service”

  1. comment number 1 by: Curtis Andrew

    I see so many of my clients underestimate the value of customer service for their business. It is often times the first impression a person has of your company - it should be taken seriously.

    Creating sales support from your customer service is ideal and can greatly improve your bottom line. Great post.

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