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How to Be an Excellent Employee

October 10th, 2010

cubicle-employees.jpgIf you think that you are a great employee, but can’t understand why you have been passed over for a promotion or raise, then you need to read this. Employers look for certain attributes in employees, and sometimes even the hardest working people don’t have the traits that businesses are looking for.

The most important thing that you can do to gain favor with your boss is to care about the company. It is not enough to simply show up for work, go through the motions, and then head home at the end of the day. If you want to stand out from the other employees, then take a real interest in the company. If you truly care about the business, then your employer is more likely to choose you for a promotion.

Think about how your actions affect the company. Even the small things, like wasting office supplies, have an effect on the bottom line. Consider how you can save your company money. Every penny saved means more profit. High profits lead to a more successful company. Successful companies can afford to pay more and offer more benefits.

Slow down! Many people think that the boss wants to see work being done as fast as humanly possible. There is truth to that belief; however, if you do your work too quickly, then you are bound to make small mistakes. This makes you look careless, not efficient. Take the time to do each task to the very best of your ability. Always double check your work before calling it done. Your additional effort will be noticed.

Do not be a complainer. This is one of the things that employers dislike the most. The job is what it is. There is a reason that you are being asked to perform every duty. Your boss does not care that you do not like it. Complaining about the fact that you are expected to do what you are being paid to do only makes you look immature and difficult. You will never move up in the ranks if you have a negative attitude.

Be happy while you are at work. Don’t bring your personal problems to the office. Leave them at the door. Sometimes this can be hard, but your employer doesn’t need the added drama. If you are plagued with personal problems, your boss will feel that you can’t possibly handle more responsibility. Show them that you are in control of your life, even if it is chaos as soon as you step out the door.

Don’t be content to simply do your job. When your work is finished, look for more to do. Ask if anyone else needs help. There is always something that needs to be done. You may be able to learn how to do someone else’s job. Cross training is something that any business will benefit from. The more you know, the more invaluable you are to the company. You never know when another employee will need to be out of the office. If you can step in pick up some of the neglected work, then your boss is sure to be happy.

If you feel that you are not being rewarded for your hard work, then take an objective look at yourself. Chances are very good that the reason for your disappointment lies within you. There is always room for improvement. Put yourself in your boss’s position, and find ways that you can make yourself an even better employee. If you can’t come up with the answer on your own, then talk to your boss about it. If you really want to improve, they will be more than happy to tell you what your weak points are. Don’t be afraid. Just by asking your supervisor what you can do better will show them that you care, and that is what they are looking for the most.

This article was supplied by M.A. Gallant from Constant Content.

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