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5 Tips on How to Shoot a Basketball Correctly

October 13th, 2010

shooting-basketball.jpgFor most people, one of the most exciting parts of the game of basketball is scoring. There are three ways to score: lay-ups, shooting, and dunking. In this article we will learn how to shoot properly. There are five key aspects of the shooting form, and if you can learn how to do all of them well, you will be a great shooter.

1. Foot position: The first step to shooting correctly is your foot position. You want both your feet pointing towards the basket, and your feet at about shoulder width apart.

2. Holding the ball: Next, you need to properly hold the ball. Hold the ball with your dominant hand, using your fingertips to support the ball. The ball should never touch your palm. When you are holding the ball; there should be a small space between the bottom of the basketball and your palm. Use your other hand to support the ball on the side. As you are going to release the ball, you should only use your dominant hand.

3. Arm position: Arm positioning is as important as foot positioning. You want your elbow in, not sticking out to the side. Your toes, knees, elbow, and the ball should be aligned. If you stick your elbow out, your shooting accuracy will drop.

4. Finish: The finish is also a very important part to your jump shot. As you release the ball, you want to flick your wrist so you put backspin on the ball, which helps it to go in the basket. After you release the ball, your fingers should be down like you are reaching into a cookie jar. If your hand looks like this, you’ve created backspin on your shot. While practicing this, you will want to hold the finish for about 3 seconds after the shot to get your hand used to this position.

5. The mental game: Basketball is 80% mental, while only about 20% skill. So the mental aspect of shooting is a big one. You need confidence. If you go up for a shot, and you believe in yourself, this will help your body do the right motions, and you will be successful in shooting. Now, this doesn’t mean throwing it up from half court and expecting to make it just because you believe in yourself. Under reasonable circumstances, however, if you have the right amount of confidence in your shot, you could be the next Larry Bird.

I hope that this article has helped all the basketball lovers out there!

This article was supplied by Matt Lundgren from Constant Content.

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