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Why People Struggle to Lose Weight

October 18th, 2010

losing-weight-scales.jpgObesity is a serious problem here in the United States, which is why the weight loss industry makes millions of dollars each and every year. Countless advertisements and commercials claim that these pills, this workout machine, or that diet are all you need to see the extra pounds drop off. You may have heard that weight loss is a simple matter of burning more calories than you consume. However the reality of the situation is a little different. If weight loss were so simple, then there wouldn’t be such a massive obesity problem in many countries throughout the world. So why aren’t people losing the extra weight?

Fat Means Famine Survival

In the developed world, finding enough food to eat is not an issue. People have easy access to cheap food whenever they want it. However finding food was not always so easy. When people were still hunter-gatherers, there were times of feast and periods of famine. Fat is the emergency food supply of the body. Therefore during the hunter-gatherer period, those with the most body fat were more likely to survive periods of famine, allowing them to procreate and pass down their genetics. Hence modern humans are genetically programmed to store as much body fat as possible, even though there is no need to wait more than a few hours between one meal and the next.


As you age, your metabolic rate begins to slow down. If you cannot burn the energy you get from food as rapidly as you once did, it will be stored in the body as fat. That is why your waist line expands as you get older. A fifty year old man cannot eat as much as he did when he was twenty-five and expect to remain at the same weight. He will have to eat less than he once did if he is to avoid becoming overweight.


Genetics play a big role in how much a person is likely to weigh. An individual whose parents and grandparents are all overweight is likely to be on the heavy side. That same individual may eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly, yet still struggle to keep the excess weight off. Similarly a person who comes from a skinny family may overeat and avoid the gym, yet still remain slimmer than most of his peers.

The Set Point

Have you noticed that some people eat what they want and never seem to put on a single pound? That’s because each person has a set point when it comes to their weight. In other words your body has a predetermined ‘ideal’ weight, and it strives to maintain it. The luckiest people have a low set point. People with a low set point find it difficult to gain weight even if they double their recommended calorie intake. Those people who have a higher set point have a hard time losing the extra weight. If a person with a high set point loses twenty pounds, their brain will go into starvation mode and tell them to eat in order to regain the lost weight.

A Balanced Attitude

There are variables beyond your control that have a bearing on how much you weigh. Therefore if you are a woman on the chubby side, there is little point in dreaming of having a super-skinny size zero body like a Hollywood celebrity. You would be better off learning to love and accept your body as it is. Bear in mind that all shapes and sizes can be beautiful. However it is also a bad idea to give up on diet and exercise altogether. Weight loss of just a few pounds can have a very positive impact on your overall health.

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