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Reasons to Visit Greece in Winter

October 22nd, 2010

greece-map.jpgHave you ever visited Greece? Most people who visit Greece find that they love it there. That’s because Greece is a country that has much to offer vacationers. For instance, the people of Greece are generally warm and friendly. What’s more, eating out at restaurants is an enjoyable experience because most Greek food is healthy and delicious. Thousands of vacationers visit Greece every year to learn more about Greek culture, customs, mythology, archeological sites, and history. Yet Greece is more than a country with a long history and an interesting culture. It is a land with its own mysterious, semi-arid beauty. The waters of the Ionian and Aegean seas are an amazing shade of azure, and there are many unspoiled beaches. Most vacationers decide to visit Greece during the warm spring or summer months to enjoy the beaches. Yet the country still has plenty to offer visitors during the winter season.

Milder Temperatures

In summer Greece gets very hot, with temperatures regularly surpassing one hundred degrees Fahrenheit in the months of July and August. Hot temperatures are great if you are planning a beach vacation. However, if you plan on touring the different historical sites and monuments, you would be much better off visiting Greece in the late fall or winter when the weather is cooler. If you are sweating profusely and desperate for a drink, it’s difficult to climb the steep hill that leads to the Parthenon. What’s more, Greek winters are very mild, and there is rarely any snowfall, except on the mountains. A winter day in Greece feels the same as fall in country or region that has a continental climate. You may need to wear a warm jacket, but you won’t have to bundle up in layers.

Fewer Tourists

If you would rather avoid large crowds of people, you would be wise to visit Greece off-season. In the spring and summer, tourists flock to Greece. Furthermore, there is a lot of traveling to and from the various Greek islands. This isn’t a big deal if you happen to enjoy being among large throngs of people. However, if you prefer things to be nice and quiet, you had best plan to visit Greece in the fall or winter. This is especially true if you wish to visit any of the Greek islands. Being on one of the crowded ferries during spring or summer can be quite an unpleasant ordeal, especially if you sail on one of the older ships.

Seeing the True Culture

During the spring and summer, the Greek tourist industry is at its peak. Thus many Greek people are focused on taking care of the vacationers that come to visit. During the fall and winter months, you can see Greek people being themselves and enjoying their true culture. In winter, clubs that play live Rembettiko open up. Rembettiko is a kind of Greek blues music which first became popular in the early twentieth century. These Rembettiko clubs don’t open until midnight, and they stay open until the early morning. Greek people go to Rembettiko clubs to drink, listen to the music, and dance together.

Better Service

Visiting Greece in fall or winter is also a good idea if you like to be waited on properly. Because there are fewer vacationers to cater to during the fall and winter months, visitors to Greece can expect to be given lots of attention by the locals. Waiting staff and hotel clerks will be extra attentive because they will have more time. The restaurants will be full of Greek people rather than tourists.

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