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Types of Propane Heaters

October 26th, 2010

propane-heater-types.jpgLPG or Propane gas is a very popular heating alternative for people who want to travel somewhere and stay warm when they get there. As many of us know, propane heaters are used for applying warmth to some temporary locations. They can be garages, small workshops, patios, or tents. One of the advantages of such convenient devices is that they can heat and fire up the surroundings very fast, and it depends on flame’s size.

“Propane heater” is actually a rather general term that is used to describe many different typs of portable heating devices. You can use them to heat some specific room or place in your house; this location can also be a greenhouse or a garage. This process is rather simple and connected with the fact that the heater functions directly in the desired area without the need for ducts. Some propane heaters that are intended for use in really big rooms will have a fan included, and with this they can effectively heat the room, although it should be noted that this fan will sometimes use a small amount of electricity.

Such propane gas heaters are used for heating up non-insulated areas, for example workshops or garages. They are usually designed for running for the whole day. They operate with gas tanks of about 100 pounds and can run continuously for 24 hours. You can also adjust the temperature by using a built-in thermostat. Some of the larger propane heaters can heat areas of up to 700 square meters. The cost for these larger models ranges from $200 to $550 depending on the size and capacity.

There are also heaters that are designed to be mounted down on the patio slab. The heating element, which is in the form of a mushroom, is mounted on the heater’s top; from here this big dome reflects heat from the unit in a circle. The best thing about these heaters is that they can operate without electricity virtually anywhere, including your truck-trailer, tent, or other desired location.

Another important thing you should keep in mind is that these propane heaters consume oxygen and release carbon dioxide. Without proper ventilation, the buildup of undesirable gases from the heaters being used in small spaces can lead to illness or even death. So if you are going to use such a device, first make sure that the area is well ventilated. Also, when buying a propane heater check to see if it is recommended for indoor or outdoor use and plan your activities accordingly.

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