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Solar Blanket: Heat and Protection for Your Pool

October 30th, 2010

solar-blanket-pool-covering.jpgA solar blanket is a cover used for swimming pools for the purposes of retaining heat while simultaneously protecting the pool from debris that may otherwise fall into it. It looks much like a bubble wrap but bigger and is used to cover the whole pool. It is the most inexpensive and resourceful way to cover your swimming pool and at the same time prevent the dissipation of heat so that you can enjoy a warmer experience while swimming.

This air-filled blanket works by trapping solar energy within the bubble-like enclosure in the cover and preventing it from escaping. The solar energy passes through the blanket and is retained in the pool, thus greatly reducing the evaporation of up to 95% of the heat that would normally occur with an uncovered pool. The average heat a solar blanket can add to your pool would be about 10-15 degrees Celsius. Darker colors and larger bubble sizes also increase the heat storage abilities of the blanket. Aside from retaining heat it can also protect the pool from debris and falling objects, saving you time when cleaning up your pool. Definitely a solar blanket is one thing that pool owners shouldn’t forget to pair up with their pools.

Solar blankets come in different sizes depending the dimensions of the pool. Since there are many types and ranges of pools, you can always have it custom made for your particular size of pool. Since solar blankets usually comprise a fairly large sheet of material it would be cumbersome for just one person to put it on the pool, so a good recommendation would be to have a rolling reel to go with your solar blanket. The rolling reel will enable you to roll off the blanket into the pool and then if you want to take it out, you just need to roll it up the same way. This makes it easier for you to install your solar blanket without incurring any great difficulties.

Solar blankets come in a range of prices from $75-$150 depending on the manufacturer and size of the solar blanket that the customer will be purchasing. If you are able to find a good one on sale, it should serve you well as a useful pool accessory.

This article was supplied by the freelance writer Blizzerand.

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