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Pool Cleaning Solutions: Polaris 360 Pool Cleaner

November 3rd, 2010

polaris-360-pool-cleaner.jpgIf you are the proud owner of a beautiful pool, you might think about hiring some specialized personnel to take care of it. However, you could also run maintenance tasks by yourself, as you will only need some materials, a pool cleaner, and half an hour every week.

Polaris 360 pool cleaner is a useful device that will operate at low pressure, and you won’t need any other additional device. The pressure must be kept over 30 pounds for an effective cleaning process. The older models like Polaris 280 pool cleaner can be effective, but you will need an additional booster pump for greater effect. This solution is recommended only if you have some problems with acquiring the necessary funds to make the purchase. If you are prepared to invest some money in your pool maintenance, you could think about the Polaris 360 pool cleaner as the best solution. The device will work faster than almost any others that are available, and it could turn itself off once the job is done, which saves you some electric power. It is possible for the Polaris 280 pool cleaner to be enhanced, so that its performance could match the 360 model.

If you aren’t prepared to spend serious money on a heating system, you must know that solar blankets can be used as a less expensive or temporary solution. These products are resistant bubble wrap blankets that can be found in any form or shape. A product of this kind costs less than 100 dollars and could raise the overall temperature of your pool by more than 15 degrees Celsius.

Solar sun rings are another possible solution to your pool cleaning needs. They are generally less effective but will look better in your pool. This is why the solar sun rings are mostly recommended for hotel or public swimming pools. The rings are resistant to UV rays, and they will focus the sunlight into the water. Moreover, the rings will act like a cleaner for your pool during the night. The solar rings could cover 60-70 percent of your pool and can be used as protection rings if you turn them on the other side.

In conclusion, the basic items needed for the best pool maintenance are the Polaris 360 cleaner and some solar blankets or solar sun rings. The choice is up to you, considering your budget and requests. Replace the costly “pool guy” with some of the best pool cleaning items and you will be surely happy about your choice.

This article was supplied by the freelance writer Blizzerand.

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