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5 Tips for Buying Large Bath Towels

November 6th, 2010

large-bath-towels-stack.jpgYou might think that buying large bath towels is as simple as walking into a store, picking out the different colors of towels that you need, and then paying for them, but in reality it is more than this. Large bath towels are not just an essential tool for drying or wrapping around yourself when you get out of the bath or shower; they are decorative tools that are used almost as décor within a bathroom and getting the right bath towels definitely requires a little bit more thought than you may have realized at first.

1. When you buy large bath towels, you must first decide if you want these towels to actually match your bathroom or not. You may think that they will be stored in a closet but in reality, they are likely to be left in the bathroom for much of the time and this is more so the case when you have a home filled with people who are all hustling to use the busy bathroom. When you bear this in mind, it makes sense to buy large bath towels that are going to match the décor of the bathroom so that when they are left there, they won’t look out of place.

2. If you are not buying large bath towels to match the room, it is a good idea to buy a towel for everyone not only for hygiene reasons but also to avoid fights. Maybe the smaller children within your home could have cartoon themed towels and the adults could have a specific color each. You may also want to buy two of each towel that you are looking at to ensure that everyone will always have one even when it is laundry day!

3. It is important to remember that large bath towels come in a range of styles and sizes, so buy the right ones for your needs. You can get smaller towels for the children and large bath towels for the adults and perhaps even a couple of smaller ones to be used when wrapping the hair up when it is still wet. You will often find that you can get bales of towels or a set which will contain either a number of towels of the same size or a set of hand towel, bath towel, large bath towel, and perhaps even a face cloth. Taken together, this variety of towels can be a good assortment for everyone in the home.

4. Quality is important when you look at buying large bath towels. The cheaper the items that you buy, the more likely they will suffer with general wear and tear faster. Not only that, but you may even find that the colors will quickly fade after repeated washings. If you have spent hard work and money making your bathroom look beautiful, there is no point in teaming it up with cheap or mismatched toweling and other bathroom accessories! The better quality of large bath towels that you buy, the longer they will last and the more money it will save you in the long run!

5. Last but certainly not least, buying towels can be hard work. Online stores might give you a bigger range but you will be unable to feel and touch the towel to check out the quality or texture when used against your skin. When looking at it the other way round, buying large bath towels in a store may give you the touch factor but you will generally have less of a selection to choose from.

This article was supplied by the freelance writer Blizzerand.

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