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What Is a Line Rental?

November 12th, 2010

line-rental-center.jpgA line rental is an agreement where a telecommunications group takes charge from the owner of the lines in order to collect a subscription fee from the subscribers.

For many of us this is an everyday thing that we do not even think about in our daily life. Yet it affects all of us every day. Whenever we pick up the phone, use our fax, or connect to the Internet, there is a telecom operator controlling what we do and how much it will cost us.

Unbeknownst to most of us is that when we get that one bill a month it may be carrying charges for numerous groups. What the telecom groups do is sell wholesale to each other different services, enabling them to consolidate these into one bill.

What does a line rental mean to the consumer? It gives us the ability to have all of our needs wrapped up into one nice package. We never consider that our Internet and phone line are one in the same. Some of the telecom providers are also starting to venture into things like cable television. By doing this they give us as consumers the ability to have and pay for numerous items on one bill.

With a line rental this allows the other providers to use one group for all the maintenance work that is needed for the lines. The line owner will be the one that is on the street fixing a line after a storm, or coming to your home when the house line needs work. Again this setup is usually easier on us as consumers even though it is unknown to most of us.

Some of the larger telecom groups are AT&T, MCI, and most of the Bell groups. What these companies will do is to let other groups allow you to use the services from the group; for example, consider the telecom provider Sprint. Your local service could be through Pacific Bell and then your long distance would be through Sprint. If the two groups have a line rental agreement then you will only receive one bill, but if they don’t you can expect two.

Line rentals, even though the average consumer doesn’t take the time to think about them, affect most of our everyday lives. From when we place the call to our mother to when we check our usual emails, some telecom operator is controlling everything that we do on a phone line. So the next time you pick up the telephone remember the convenience of one bill is through a line rental agreement.

This article was supplied by the freelance writer Blizzerand.

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