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Ideas for Holiday Tins

November 19th, 2010

holiday-tin-gifts.jpgWith the beginning of the Christmas shopping season arriving in a few days, holiday tins are starting to emerge in most of the department stores. Decorated in many different ways, these can make a great gift for someone special.

The first thing to take into consideration is what is actually inside the tin. While outside of the tin usually features a nice decoration of some sort, normally what is inside is also part of the gift. In some cases, the tin’s content can be an important issue even if you are buying it just for the decoration. For example, it might hurt some people’s feelings if you get them a tin from their favorite sports team and when they go to open it find out that it is filled with something to which they are allergic. This can make you appear insensitive, which is generally not the image one wants to convey when sending a gift.

When buying a holiday tin it is important to make sure the seal has not been broken. It is possible for sneaky people to break them open and take the items from inside, as it is sometimes easier for them to sneak out the contents than the whole tin. Also making sure the tin is still in place will ensure that you will not be giving the recipient anything tainted.

Take the time to learn what the recipient likes. With so many holiday tins out there you can find something for almost anyone. With the Internet retailers and all the department stores carrying them you can find tins featuring an assortment of different themes such as sports teams or favorite hobbies. If you want to personalize the gift there are companies that will add your choice of pictures on the tin. While this may cost a bit extra, in the long run it will show how much you care.

Holiday tins can also be very versatile. If there is a specific tin you want but the contents are not to your liking, take the time to empty it out and add the desired replacement gift inside. This can also provide a pleasant surprise upon unwrapping it; for example, an apparent tin of popcorn or nuts can become a much better gift after opening the container. Relatively small but valuable items such as jewelry, coins, or even cash can work well for such occasions.

Holiday tins offer a wide selection of gifts for the content, and because the container itself can also serve as a collectible item, they can effectively function as two gifts in one. Even if the tin is not particularly valuable as an antique or other type of treasure, it can still be used for storage or as a decoration each holiday season.

This article was supplied by the freelance writer Blizzerand.

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