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How to Polish Watch Crystals

November 23rd, 2010

watch-crystal-polishing.jpgA watch crystal is the clear face of your watch, which becomes dirty and scratched with wear. In order to polish crystal on watches, you need to identify which type of crystal your watch contains. The term crystal often refers to quartz, but watch crystals can be made of sapphire, acrylics or plastics, among other materials. If you have an acrylic watch crystal, you can easily polish it yourself using household materials or specialty products.

1. Remove the moving parts from your watch’s crystal case. Old watches pop open easily, but newer watches require more effort to take apart. If you can’t remove the crystal, mask off the metal around the face if you are concerned about discoloring it.

2. Select a polishing agent. You may have products in your household that can serve this purpose, such as Brasso, a metal cleaner, or toothpaste. Use cream toothpaste and not the gel variety. Another option is to purchase a specialty polishing compound like PolyWatch or Simichrome, a metal cleaner. Both cost around $10 for a small tube.

3. Rub a small amount of the polishing agent onto the watch crystal using a soft cloth. Work in circular motions, concentrating on areas with scratches. Use a soft toothbrush for more detailed control. At first the product might make the watch crystal look very cloudy, especially with Brasso or toothpaste, but as you rub it will become clear again. Try rubbing in the direction of deeper scratches if they prove stubborn.

4. Remove the masking tape and use a clean soft cloth to remove any excess polishing agent. Repeat the process if scratches remain.

Tips: If your watch crystal is severely scratched or cracked, take it to a local jeweler to have it replaced or buffed inexpensively. A felt Dremel attachment also works for polishing watch crystals, but don’t try this method unless you have experience as you can damage your watch, especially if the crystal is faceted. Try several of the strategies mentioned above if you are having trouble removing all of the scratches, but don’t combine the different products at once.

This article was supplied by Dorian Gray from Constant Content.

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