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How to Select Cake Containers

November 27th, 2010

cake-container-ideas.jpgCake containers are one of those kinds of items that most of us see every time we walk through a department store, but never really pay any attention to until we are in need of one. Then we realize just how many different types there are.

One of the first things you will need to consider is the shape. Most of us don’t stop and think that the tasty morsel we just put in our mouth actually comes from a much larger morsel. Cakes come in almost every shape or size you can think of, which is why this is so important. You would not want to put a 12-inch round cake in a 8-inch square cake container, although you could make a toddler or pet very happy by attempting this. Take the time to decide what shape you are going to make and find the appropriate container. It would be devastating if you spend an entire weekend making a star-shaped cake only to find out on Monday that you don’t have a container that is able to effectively carry it.

Next pick your size. This might seem funny at first but think back to our example from shapes. If you use a container size that is too big your cake is going to slide around and look like it just came through the O’Hare baggage department. This would be an annoying waste of your time if something like this happens. If you are dealing with cakes in a catering or food service role, remember that presentation is a major part of the overall effort. So if you have taken the time to make your cake look nice, be sure that you have the right container on hand so that you can deliver it that way!

Decide what kind of cake you are going to carry or serve, as there are different cake containers for different types of cakes. For example, you wouldn’t want to use a cupcake container for a wedding cake as this would be an obvious mismatch. This would bring us back to the last two items — the right size and shape gives us the right container for the cake.

Another important but sometimes overlooked factor is how often you are going to need the cake container. If it’s only going to be for a one-time event you may consider using a paper container, whereas if you love to bake then you may want to buy a more durable plastic variety that can be easily washed and reused. If you want to get fancy you can even buy crystal or intricately designed glass cake containers. You also need to determine how long the cake will sit in the container and how long you will need to keep it fresh and moist.

These are just a few of the small things to consider when choosing a cake container. Taking the time to decide what kind of container you need can make your cake look like a gem.

This article was supplied by the freelance writer Blizzerand.

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